February 28th, 2006

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So, today, I did the media mining, went for a bike ride, wandered around the town green hitting the grocery store, the bank, and a radio shack, and then perambulated down to Vietnamese Restaurant (Okay, that's not actually its name; its name is Vietnam Restaurant. But it ought to be called Eats in Vietnamese. I love that place; they have better secondhand dinnerware now, but within living memory they brought you your food on plates labeled Waffle House. Good, cheap, fast, and lots; I paid $11.99 for pork noodle, wonton soup, and Vietnamese coffee, and I have enough left for lunch tomorrow. Ambiance, not so much.) (NB: buymeaclue, ellen_kushner, Zoe's is better, faster, more plentiful, and as cheap. Tied for ambiance, though.) for lunch.

I always get better service at Asian restaurants when I wear a jade bangle. Seriously.

I am less than three miles from a Munson's. So doomed.

Now I am back, and chapter 11 of the page proofs is staring at me.

bear by san

200 pages into the page proofs...

...and this is the most embarrassingly bad book ever written. What was I thinking? What is wrong with me? Who told me I could write?

Joseph Conrad said that writing was like trying to paint with the Devil jogging your elbow all the time. This is one of those days.

And when I finish these page proofs, I have to get cracking on Undertow. It's a good thing I'm really not fit for doing anything else with my life, or I'd quit writing now and save the world the pain.

That's the problem with Undertow, really. I don't believe in it yet as a story that has to be told, so the suck monkeys are winning.

Stupid suck monkeys.
bear by san

I should have known, I should have known, Tam Lin--

oh, look, AWBTWWSBD. So, Ben Jonson spent the last nine years of his life crippled by a stroke.

What, pray tell me, is the etymology of the word "stroke?"


History conspires against me; it really freaking does. As if the bloody Jenet Davenant thing wasn't bad enough.

Alton Brown quote of the day: "Of soup and love, the first is best."

*glitters JJA*
*on principle*