March 6th, 2006

bear by san

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I made steamed buns with sweet mung bean paste this morning, which came out brilliantly. And could not be more easy, and give the rice steamer yet another reason to exist. (I less-than-three my rice steamer. Yes I do.)

However, as such things go, I have more dough than sweet mung bean paste. I wonder how it would do as cinnamon rolls.... it's chewy and fluffy and neutrally flavored, except a hint of sweetness....

Tomorrow's project, blini. With which to bribe the Russian superintendent. And ladegard. And probably rikibeth. (I should make medvinyk too. One believes that food is always the way to the super's heart.)

And piroshki. They freeze.

Mmm. Piroshki.

By the way, misia, a test batch of noodles came out great. I had to substitute red miso for the broad bean paste (A Dong may have had it, but I couldn't find it), but they still taste fantastic (you meant savory broad bean/broad bean chili paste, and not sweet bean paste? y/n/a?). I suppose it's probably fine to save the leftover marinade in the freezer until the next batch of noodles? (Being a single girl, one package of udon is three meals for me, so I did not need the entire cup and a half or so of marinade.)

Sigh. I need to go to the post office. And make a bunch of phone calls. And the k keycap on Ethel's keyboard is coming loose. I should really call HP and see if I can ship her back for service, but right before the trip to England and while my desk still isn't built is a really inconvenient time to have to do it.

And there's the galley for "The Cold Blacksmith" to go over, and the CEM for Carnival arrives this week.

Nibbled to death by ducks. I think I need another bean paste bun. And a pot of tea. And some more noooodles and a salad.

Because carbohydrates make everything better.
bear by san

columbines & wizardry

I ate my first pummelo today. What a satisfying fruit. First off, the incredibly satisfying peeling process. Any excuse to play with a good knife, and a pummelo is a pleasure to de-pith. The pith is soft and thick and resilient, like cutting foam. And then the fruit inside is like a crispy, sweet, not very acid grapefruit.

What's not to love?

I'm candying the peel now. I just wish it were more aromatic.