March 9th, 2006

bear by san

Goth bowling

Pics, as promised.

tikvah likes this one of me. But I'm partial to the Demon Queen version. tikvah can sneer.

Three Wicked Sisters in bowling shoes.

The Christmas Goffs.

tikvah takes herself too seriously.

rikibeth as Goffelia.

This one just says it all.

Sadly, because of the flash, you can't make out the fluorescence on the bowling shoes. That is elisem's "Unsuitable Metal" mostly on my neck and on all of our heads, by the way. Her tiaras really do look good on everyone.
bear by san

The ecologically conscious and in-need-of-exercise Bear would like to know:

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Given that there is an 80% chance of possibly freezing rain today, and Bear won't be done with the media mining until ten a.m. or so, she should:

Walk the four mile round trip to the bank, but wear a slicker. (properly pronounced "slikah," yes.)
Drive. What are you, nuts?
Stay home on the sofa with the comforter.
Sissy. Run it!
Drop and give me twenty!
Do it tomorrow.