March 10th, 2006

bear by san

Less tentative UK trip itinerary

29 March 2006: Leave JFK
30 March 2006: Arrive Heathrow. Train (1), etc., to Lymington. Eat something. Die in a heap.
31 March 2006: Play dancing Bear for silme's students.
1 April 2006: Train (2) to London. Write on train? Meet mevennen and trek to Cambridge there to soak in the culture.
2 April 2006: Cambridge to London, 5 pm dinner with mevennen, fjm, et al? Train (3) back to Lymington. Potentially more writing on train. (Why yes, I do have June and August deadlines. How nice of you to notice.) 
3 April 2006: No plans. Isle of Wight? Sleep? Wander about? Optional: die in a heap.
4 April 2006: Stratford with heatherkward
5 April 2006: meet katallen in London. Deptford: St. Nicholas Churchyard (New Cross Station) George Inn, Rose! (appt, 12 noon), Globe, etc. (Southwark Station) (train (4). write. This--the Southwark day--is the day into which I am trying to pack WAY TOO MUCH.)
6 April 2006: London. British Library. (Euston Sq. Station) lunch with oursin. British Museum? St. Paul's, Newgate, Blackfriars. Etc. London proper. (Pick a tube station, any tube station) (train (5). write.)
7 April 2006: London. National Portrait Gallery (YAY!) (Charing Cross Station) Westminster (Westminster Staton) 5:30-ish signing at Forbidden Planet. (train (6). write.)
8 April 2006: London. Lunch with friends wnlj. Tower of London. (Tower Hill Station) Shoreditch (Shoreditch Station) (train (7). write. memo: bring two notebooks and extra ink)
9 April 2006: Die. In a heap. Again.
10 April 2006: Canterbury. (brisingamen (& peake?) )
11 April 2006: Canterbury. (brisingamen (& peake?) )
12 April 2006: Unscheduled day. Heap dying optional.
13 April 2006: silme & household return. Possibility of Stratford in the evening.
14 April 2006: Ryanair puddle jumper flight to Glasgow (remember to pack auxiliary helium bags, just in case.) Check in to youth hostile.
15 April 2006: Glasgow! Eastercon! Mad panelschedule! Lose BSFA short fiction award (to Kelly?)
16 April 2006: Ryanair puddle jumper flight back to Bournemouth (remember to pack auxiliary helium bags, just in case.)
17 April 2006: Go the hell home. (train (8))

Okay. I think it's a plan. The numbers after the word (train) indicate how many days worth of Britrail pass I need. If I forgot anybody/anything, please yell. See you there!
bear by san

So, the cover copy for Carnival is in:

Elizabeth Bear

Author of Worldwired

“A talent to watch.” —David Brin


Behind one mask...lies another.

[Bantam Spectra logo] Science Fiction CARNIVAL Elizabeth Bear

Also by Elizabeth Bear





[sales info here]

On a renegade planet ruled by armed, educated, highly-evolved women, two secret agents living a lie discover a power no man can touch…


In Old Earth’s clandestine world of ambassador-spies, Michelangelo Kusanagi-Jones and Vincent Katherinessen were once a starring team. But ever since a disastrous mission, they have been estranged, living separate lives in a universe dominated by a ruthless Coalition—one that is about to reunite them…

When the pair are dispatched to New Amazonia as diplomatic agents, neither can predict what will unfold. Allegedly, they are to return priceless art once taken from the planet. Covertly, they seek to tap its glorious energy supply. But in reality, each is working as a double agent for a different faction, each with very different goals…. For one has his mind set on treason. And among the extraordinary women of New Amazonia, in a season of festival, betrayal, and disguise, he will find a new ally—and a force beyond any humans have known…
bear by san

The Libertine

Poor movie. It could have been so good.

The actors were lovely--Johnny Depp and Samantha Morton were a bit erratic, but when they were on, they were note-perfect, and John Malkovitch was, well, John Malkovitch, but really, who better as Charles II?--and the script was fine, even occasionally aspiring to ironic moral complexity. The setting and costumery were high-mud delightful, and the supporting cast did not suck in the slightest. Also, Restoration Theatre. Geek. (geek) Geek!!!!

Alas, it was edited by the monkey, the camerawork was hamhanded, and the director (a) couldn't locate a beat with a studfinder and (b) didn't trust his audience to understand anything without explaining it. Sometimes twice. You could almost see Malkovich flinching occasionally, behind his prosthetic nose.



But at the very least, it does deserve my Kit/Icarus icon. *g*

By the way, those of you in central Connecticut might like to know that there's an IMAX showing of V for Vendetta at Buckland Hills on Thursday at ten. Tickets are already on sale.