April 19th, 2006

bear by san

by command of HRH the_red_shoes

I am:

eating: nothing

drinking: nothing, but I should make some tea soon. why am I awake?

wearing: black pajama bottoms (size 3X, only the drawstring is keeping them on my ass) and a teal blue tank with a built-in bra. contact lenses. two silver rings, one a poesy ring and one set with a watermelon tourmaline slice. six earrings, four silver hoops and two peridot and silver drops. I have a poncho wrapped around my shoulders. (Is that a real poncho, I mean, is that a Mexican poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?)

hearing: birds waking in the darkness. the occasional train whistle.

reading: livejournal. the galleys for The Chains that you Refuse. Wendy Moore's The Knife Man.

watching: nothing, but I will probably watch Mythbusters or Criminal Minds tonight, and likely Alton Brown

getting: sicker, dammit

planning: my budget, what to wear to the temp agency this afternoon when I go in for my interview, such as it is likely to be.
bear by san

one thousand words a day.

Progress notes for 19 April 2006:

"Black is the Color"

New Words: 200
Total Words: 200
Pages: 1
Deadline: none
Reason for stopping: that was all that mugged me.


New Words: 1021
Total Words: 6182
Pages: 32
Deadline: August 1
Reason for stopping: end of chapter 2

Stimulants: coooooooooffee. blueberry Wensleydale. apples.
Exercise: still recuperating, no exercise
Mail: money from Interzone and a royalty check from Spectra
Today's words Word don't know:  unmottled, outflung, rehydrated
Words I'm surprised Word do know: nictitated
Mean Things: Closs let the prisoner escape. Closs is going to have some 'splainin to do. Also, the poor frogboygirl nearly dried out.
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress: Wendy Moore, The Knife Man
Interesting tidbit of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: 75 pages of Chains galleys yesterday;