May 9th, 2006

phil ochs troubador

the mad director knows that freedom will not make you free--

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It's somewhat depressing how relevant that becomes if you file off a few serial numbers.

(Note: the song is a self-parody of Phil's own earlier song, "Here's to the State of Mississippi.)

I actually like some of his less political stuff a lot. He recorded a kickass version of "The Highwayman", for example. Though, on the other hand, it's hard to imagine a protest song more potent and also gorgeous than Crucifixion:

The Spanish bulls are beaten; the crowd is soon beguiled,
The matador is beautiful, a symphony of style
Excitement is ecstatic, passion places bets
Gracefully he bows to ovations that he gets
But the hands that are applauding are slippery with sweat
And saliva is falling from their smiles

bear by san

It's gonna get cold in the 1970s

I love making up words. Today's made up word: memorizy

Progress notes for 9 May 2006:


New Words: 1535
Total Words: (actual wordcount / manuscript) 31,195 / 35,000
Pages: 140
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 819
Reason for stopping: Nap. Bigtime.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
31,195 / 100,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
140 / 400

Stimulants:  Upton Tea's Pretoria Rooibos, which has marigold petals floating in it.
Exercise:  today is a day of being a lump a recovery day
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know:  n/a
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: contributed to the cultural breakdown and assimilation of the Fuzzies froggies
Tyop du jour:  n/a
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress: Wendy Moore, The Knife Man;
Interesting tidbit of the day: Alberich underwater nudes. NSFW, for most workplaces. But loffly. (via commodorified)
Other writing-related work: n/a
bear by san

Things that are boring in real life are almost never interesting in fiction.

  • stupid relationship fights.
  • people who are only interested in one thing (unless they are gloriously obsessive; then they can be fun).
  • people who are light-sucking vortexes of me-centric angst
  • drama consisting entirely of two or more people who will not talk to each other
  • manufactured drama of any sort, really
  • egregious bouts of smoochy face when one is not one's own self one of the smoochers

I blame stillsostrange for the list. Add your own.

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