July 4th, 2006

bear by san

and I shall dance for you, the sweetest dance that I can do.

Progress notes for 3 July 2006:


New Words:  1020
Total Words:  75148 / 88000
Pages: 352
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 414
Reason for stopping: End of scene, late, tired.

If I were a different writer, I could have gotten a whole SF novel out of Lucienne and Jean and the negotiations of their relationship. But I'm not, and I didn't. Funny to be able to look at this book and see all the other books I could have written.

Stimulants:  iced pomegranate tea, Lagavulin
Exercise: Gym: weights, core, cardio, stretching
Mail: Oh, a rich and bountiful day of mail. Moneys from Subterranean, the fastest reject in the world from F&SF (They rock those return times and I knew this one was coming back. It has girl cooties.), a returned countersigned contract, and Locus! Wherein Nick Gevers dismissed "Ile of Dogges" (Aeon 7) as "slight," and Tim (I'm just guessing this was Tim) Pratt proves why he's the main man. (and casacorona and arcaedia also prove their equally formidable debonair.)

From page 8:

"ELIZABETH BEAR and SARAH MONETTE sold "subversive smutty fluffy psychic-companion-animal wish-fulfillment fantasy" A Companion to Wolves to Beth Meacham at Tor via Jennifer Jackson."


Says so right there in Locus.

I'd have his babies, but Heather would kill me if I tried anything. And I eat babies.

Also, I am The Bear (sorry, Greg) in the Locus Poll writeup, which explains how other writers (*coughcough* scalzi) kicked my hiney in the first place votes, but because Locus uses one of those weird systems, Hammered won on the second-place votes. *g*

And Chains is a New and Notable book. (I'm "one of the most distinctive new voices in Science Fiction.")

That kind of takes the sting out of the crappy wordcount.

Also, pigeonhed liked Hammered.

Oh, and a Tangent review of "Ile of Dogges". Almost forgot that one.

Today's words Word don't know: mitose

Mean Things: Catastrophic, galaxy-wide network failure. Oops.
Darling du jour:  He meant to be comforting. She could tell by his eyebrows.
Jerry-rigging: We have reached the portion of the novel that is very like wrestling a giant squid into a flat-rate priority mail box for later shipping. Because the squid does not want to go into the box. It has many tendrils, and is quite muscular. And it doesn't quite fit.

But you can't mail it to Topeka for $7.10 unless it goes in the box.

So into the box it must go.

We call this climax, denouement, and closure.

It's quite hard.

This book is much more plot driven than most of what I write, which is also odd. I'm used to the characters running the show.

They all have to be different. Bastards.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Nothing makes Cricket more uncomfortable than percieving vulnerability in people she's been sleeping with.

Other writing-related work: read another draft chapter of The Mirador
Books in progress: Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice
Neat stuff: via kelliem, one more step toward bionic limbs for amputees. via commodorified, a deposition from a late medieval transvestite prostitute.
The glamour!: I did dishes and cooked a chicken and did that laundry and generally waxed a lot of cats. But they were necessary cats.
bear by san

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So, hey. A question for those with more nautical experience than myself.

Say you're in a seaworthy fifty-foot houseboat. Would you rather meet a cyclone moored in a shallow bay with some thoroughly brutal tides (we're not on Earth) or run for it and try to get around the edge of the storm? (It's necessary to the plot that they run for it; I need justifications. *g*)

You've got, oh, fourteen hours warning. There are likely to be tornadoes as well.
bear by san

Ben, you're my only friend.

Progress notes for 4 July 2006:


New Words:  1021
Total Words: 76, 169 / 89,000 (includes 339 words / 3 pages of outline notes)
Pages: 356
Deadline: August 1
Words per day to meet deadline: 393
Scenes left / scenes myrtilized (notecards, if I were using notecards this book): 18/0
Reason for stopping: End of previous scene. As for the next scene--I know what it does structurally, but what the actual narrative is? No clue. Maybe I should skip it and come back if I need it. (MEMO: figure out what happens in this scene please bear? Ktnxbye)

Stimulants:  iced pomegranate tea
Exercise: sweating
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: unmoored

Mean Things: Made André climb a ladder with a broken leg.
Darling du jour:  It was a magic moment, if he'd been in the mood to appreciate it; the instant when an office building became a ship of the open seas once more, when an it became a her.
Jerry-rigging: I think I figured out, more or less, how to get to the end of the book from here.

Books in progress:
Martin Cruz Smith, Stallion Gate; Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice; Holly Black, Tithe (which I am allowed to read now, because B&I is in print)
The glamour!: I watched Willard today, god help me, because I wanted to see what Crispin Glover and R. Lee Ermey would do for money.

The answer apparently is, almost anything.

The scary psychosexual relationship between Crispin and the white rat Socrates is really, really disturbing. Also, if Willard had just treated poor Ben with the love and respect he craved, none of this ever would have happened. Ben just wanted love. And Willard was a very bad abusive rat daddy.

I can't help but think there's some distressing racial allegory thing going on with the privileged white rats and the abused and exploited brown rats.

On the other hand, the giant looming CGI rat was... well. That.