July 28th, 2006

bear by san

she's got similar features, but longer hair.

Well, I'm not sick enough to stay home from work and the rent's due next week, so I guess I have to go get into the shower now.

I see a bunch of new faces out there. feel free to introduce yourselves and to comment, ask questions, whatever. I'm too swamped to read any more blogs, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate having you around.

I'm contemplating a long boring infodump on exposition. Or possibly a taut, assertive infodump on exposition. It depends on how much narrative authority I can muster while revising. Is there anything else you'd like me to talk about?

If anybody wants to ask questions about old or new work, I'm good with that; if anybody wants to spoiler like a mad spoilering thing, or chatter without me leaning over their shoulders, hernewshoes runs a community where you can do just that. 

Come on in. Have a canape.
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bear by san

a review this negative deserves its very own entry

Proof I'm not stacking the deck in favor of the favorable reviews, right here. (Slight spoilers, and Matthew is stung by the description of himself.)

Ouch. Sorry about that, man. I mean, yeah, they're not a lovable bunch, but I didn't mean to bore you. *g*

On the other hand, his plot synopsis is one of the better ones I've read. A careful reader! Do I really do that dialogue thing? Because I'm used to getting yelled at for breaking up my dialogue with way too many action tags. Hmm.

*stares at Undertow suspiciously.*
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bear by san

this is james_nicoll's fault

Eleven things I will serve my best never to put in a fantasy novel unless I am trying to undermine them, and in fact could do without entirely from now on, thanks

1. Fated! Romance!
2. Kinky = evil
3. Prophecies. Especially in verse. Except of the Cassandra/Merlin type.
4. Writers or musicians or artists as automatic protagonists, especially if they are Special because of their Art. (Protagonists who are also artists or craftspeople of some sort, that's different.) (Also, R.A. MacAvoy is excepted from this Rule.)
5. Protagonists who are The Prettiest! (Except Isolfr. Because being pretty pisses him off so much.)
6. "movie sex"
7. Troublesome behavior that is percieved as Right because the protagonists do it.
8. Chosen Ones, unless being chosen is a death-or-boomba kind of deal.
9. Extraordinarily gifted and special people that everybody loves
10. The idea that winning a position of importance is the end of one's troubles.
11. Bad boys who aren't really all that bad, and who can be redeemed by the love of a good POSSLQ.


truepenny and stillsostrange have good lists too: