August 23rd, 2006

can't sleep books will eat me

Alive. Back later.

I'm at Worldcon and mostly human (and maybe a pound lighter due to the new airline passenger dehydration regimen. eee. Maybe this is a plot to save on gas money.)

In other news, Paul Witcover (writing for hated Blood & Iron with a hate that knows no bounds. Not enough smut for him, either, I guess.

Bear's real failing here is not her dependence upon models developed and more competently executed by others, for even a derivative novel can be a great read, provided it has a compelling story and vivid characters. Blood and Iron has neither. The story is a soap-opera family saga straining for a significance it does not possess, while the characters are game tokens with attributes rather than developed personalities.

(Actually, Hitler doesn't fill the paradigm. You have to be an invadee (Which is why Vlad III, who would probably have been just as big of an asshole if only he had machine guns, gets in to the list.). Hitler, alas, wasn't defending anything except his own paranoid delusions.

I probably shouldn't tell him that the Russian WWII novel, if I get to write it, will also not feature Hitler in any capacity except off-screen bad guy.

It will have more werewolves, though.)

On the other hand, SF Signal rather liked my story in YBSF #23. The review is exceedingly spoilery, though.

And, to complement the earlier picture of a Bear with a Shoggoth on her head, a picture of a Bear with a Cthulhu on her head.
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