September 4th, 2006

bear by san

...and I don't think that's a polite way to refer to your sister.

Given the number of ballads that deal with the issue of sibling incest, I am moved to wonder if this was a significant ongoing social problem in early modern England.

In other news, today I went through the copyedited manuscript of "War Stories," which will be up at Baen's Universe sooner or later, did that laundry and the dishes (project for later in the week--clean the floors and the bathroom), baked some apples and made tacos for dinner, went to the gym for almost two hours, and somehow seem to have misplaced an entire day.

Right. Back to the Norse myth. Tomorrow, I have to try to fix "Limerent." And then it's the W&W CEM until I see daylight at the end of the book.

Then I can go back to working on the revision of By the Mountain Bound and fretting about submissions.

But first, some of the really lovely tea that kelliem sent me a while back.