October 2nd, 2006

bear by san

we're on the road and we're gunning for the buddha

I'm too stubborn to close the windows yet, because I like the air. But I am sitting on the futon-on-the-floor (really need to buy another frame soonish so I can start calling it "the couch" again; that's shorter) with Ethel in my lap. I am wearing fuzzy socks, a turtleneck, a flannel shirt (the purple and green one; it is the most dyketastic shirt the world has ever known) and I have a throw over my toes and the comforter wrapped around me.

I am a silly Bear.

I finished the first read-through of Undertow and the entering of Anne's line-edits just fifteen minutes ago. She went light on me, so it only took about two days, and I was distracted for large parts of that.

Tomorrow, I have to start revising to the actual, you know, notes. Which means I will be doing a good deal of thrashing in the wire for the next week or so. (It shouldn't take too long; the edits are light, and I am restless to start writing "Chatoyant," and perhaps "Upon Deaf Ears," and then there are those other short stories to consider.)

If you get the idea that I chant my pending projects softly to myself as a reminder, you wouldn't be far wrong. I like lists; they make things seem a little more orderly and manageable, and this is anything but a manageable business.

Ooo. I just realized, Carnival will be out in less than two months.

I am looking forward to seeing what y'all make of this one.

And on that note, I'd rather ought to crawl into my warm and comfy bed.
bear by san

they come in the age's most uncertain hour, and sing an American tune.

Well, I haven't accomplished any *work* yet today, but I have been to the gym, bought speakers and a lap desk and more Macouns (mmm, Macouns), set up the speakers, washed dishes, and started dinner. Memo: an apple and two slices of peanut butter toast are not sufficient nutrition on a gym day.

Also, I participated in this conversation.

Did I mention that I love my job?

The Publisher's Weekly review of Carnival is just lovely. It's not up at Amazon yet--I'll link it when it is--and I'm not supposed to reprint it, but--just theoretically--how do you like " the best of speculative fiction" as a pull quote?

In a vain attempt to keep my ego in check, here are some other reviews, some more complimentary than others:

gannet liked Blood & Iron, found bits confusing. That does appear to be the common response.

I'll try to do better next time.

Swarm Of Beasts admired the book, found it confusing, couldn't get passionate about it.

Rocalisa thought it was brilliant!

Eagle's Path can review me any time. Not because they're unstintingly complimentary over there, but because they are thoughtful and contemplative and stuff. They review The Chains that you Refuse.

And via The Whatever, Fellated undead liberal former president terrorist airborne with a dog bomb! 

Also, there's a tropical storm underway in Newfoundland. Were we using this hemisphere for anything?