October 10th, 2006

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I can't look at hobbles and I can't stand fences.

Progress notes for 10 October 2006:

"Hobnoblin Blues"

New Words:  1,587
Total Words: 5,138
Pages: 25
Deadline: -- 
Reason for stopping: done, hopefully, with a second draft that makes more sense. Yanno, I thought I had stopped ultracondensing my narratives.

Stimulants:  coffeeeeee
Exercise: none today. I might Goth later.
Mammalian assistance: Mebd had great fun campaigning for me to go to bed, starting around 11 pm last night.
Mail: sam_t likes The Chains That You Refuse.

And Carnival has been Harrieted. Spoilers for some book or another.

Today's words Word don't know: Thelonious, Crosby (But it knows Stills and Nash), unmagicked, unmagical, untucked, dvergar, Thor,
Words I'm surprised Word do know: Beethoven

Mean Things: Poor Ramona. She didn't deserve that. Also, Hob took a pounding, and the surgical tape itches.
Darling du jour: 

Nobody likes spilling the blood of a god if they can help it.

Bad precedent

Jury-rigging: The part where I had to shoehorn little snippets of exposition and motivation through the entire story. La.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Mmm. Dwarves.
Other writing-related work: none
Books in progress: Still reading the Scandahoovian legendry thing.
The Internet is full of Things: via Hal Duncan, the Smoking Gun posts Iggy Pop's concert rider, apparently penned by one Jos Grain.

Put your drink down.

We need: one (1) monitor man who speaks good English and is not afraid of death... Also, he needs to know a little bit about monitors. This may seem a little obvious, but believe me....

The glamour!: Dude, I'm sitting here reading Iggy Pop's concert rider. How much more glamorous does it get???

bear by san

Down at the mainspring, listen to the tick-tock.

N.B: A life in the entertainment industries is not significantly different in any particular from other forms of living by one's wits.

All right. I heard from Anne-my-editor today, and the revisions to Undertow were acceptable. Which means, as soon as I hear back from truepenny, I can put the final soft-cloth polish on the manuscript and hand it in. I have a more or less working draft of "Hobnoblin Blues," as "Upon Deaf Ears" has decided it wants to be called.

Which means my to-do list between now and next November* looks like this:

The Stratford Man / The Journeyman Devil: whatever revisions are deemed necessary. Sorry, guys, it looks like we're going to have to split the duology on a cliffhanger because of the length constraints on each volume. I apologize in advance.

Dust proposal. And possible a retitle, as it's a bit close to the Pellegrino book, though his has a subtitle.
Dust draft

redraft All the Windwracked Stars
write those last two scenes that need to go in By the Mountain Bound
revise The Sea thy Mistress

write "Chatoyant"
write "Lumière"
write nameless gonzo space opera novella
write "1796"
write "Babylon & On"
write "Black is the Color"
write "King Pole Gallows Pole Bottle Tree"
write "On Safari in R'lyeh & Carcosa with Gun and Camera"
write "Orm the Beautiful"
write "Smile"
write "Periastron"
write "The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
write "Wehrwolf"

Whiskey & Water
galley proofs
Undertow galley proofs
A Companion to Wolves copy-edited manuscript
A Companion to Wolves galley proofs
New Amsterdam copy-edited manuscript
New Amsterdam galley proofs

Piece of cake.

I'm giving myself the rest of October to work on short stories, I think. First up on the batting stand, "Orm the Beautiful." Next one after that, "Babylon and On."

* If you dream of being a freelance writer, get used to the idea of to-do lists measured in years. Sorry.

bear by san

starving writer curry

This stuff is lovely. Cheap, healthy, tasty, vegetarian (if you like) and can be made almost entirely with staples.

You will need:

A non-cast-iron frying pan, some grease, part of an onion, some yellow curry powder, some kind of stock or broth or beer would probably work too, potatoes, red lentils, a tomato-based product, a green leafy thing, salt, and lime.

Take the pan. Heat the grease in it. In the hot grease, pre-cook your curry powder. You may also toast mustard seeds, if you have them. They will help make it nice.

Into the hot curry-contaminated grease, place at least half a chopped onion and, if you have some, some chopped garlic. Sautee until the onion is soft and clear. Add your potato, diced however large seems good to you. Small white potatoes with skin on or red potatoes or something waxy are better than baking potatoes, but baking potatoes will work.

Add your tomato-based product. I usually use a tin of tomatoes, but leftover spaghetti sauce will work okay. Tonight, I used some leftover Newman's vodka sauce. I bet you could use old salsa too. Tomato paste might be too much. Tomato juice or V8 should work.

Fill most of the frypan with stock, or beer, or stock and water, or whatever. If you are a vegetarian, do not use an animal based product. Add one or two or three handfulls of red lentils on top. Turn the whole mess down to simmer.

Walk away.

Come back every half an hour and see if the lentils are cooked, or if you need to add fluid.

When the lentils are cooked, take the cover off and let the mess cook down a bit, if it needs it. When it is the right consistency, turn the heat off, throw your handfulls of frozen kale or mustard greens or spinach or whatever on top. Cover. Walk away for five ten minutes.

Come back, stir it all together, and serve with a little salt and lime juice.

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