October 30th, 2006

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tomorrow morning you wake up with the white noise

Woke up to good news this morning: Jonathan Laden at Fictitious Force is buying the stillsostrange brainspore short short short, "Matte." Which is not about brainspores, but I caught it from her brainspores. So that's different.

It's only the second successful piece of flash I've ever written, so selling it makes me happy.

Also, the ToC for Subterranean 6 is up. And wow that looks good.

 – “The Long Dead Day” by Joe R. Lansdale
– “Chartreuse Mansions: a Lucifer Jones Story” by Mike Resnick
– “Zero Summer” by Caitlin R. Kiernan
– “Take Your Daughter to Work” by Livia Llewellyn
– “Finding Piper” by Cherie Priest
– “Limerent” by Elizabeth Bear
– “The Tenth Muse” by William Browning Spencer

La. *g*

And of course the current issue (#5) is shipping, complete with Sebastien on the cover, as concieved by Tim Truman, one of my all time favorite four-color artists.

Did I mention it has a dirigible

I guess I should breakfast and get my workout clothes on so I can write for a while before I go to the gym....

My life currently is an endless cycle of exercise, write, eat, sleep, answer email, play guitar, put your pants on. Not necessarily in that order. With occasional breaks for social activity and long trips on airplanes.

God, I need to do laundry, too, so I can pack. My flight's Wednesday morning.

...and maybe go buy a pair of black jeans, since mine have gone AWOL somewhere.

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I'm living for giving the devil his due.

oldcharliebrown, aka Sean Wallace of Fantasy Magazine, just posted:

This issue represents about forty thousand words, with ten stories, with all contributions nearly by women, the exception being Richard Parks. This represents a one percent representation. Subsequent issues pretty much follow that trend, until Issue Eight. No further comment.

Looks to me like it's time for another slushbomb. Male SFF writers of the world, are you ready to send your best and brightest to Fantasy Magazine and correct that gender disparity?

Sadie Hawkins Day is November 13th. Is that enough time for y'all, or should we push it back to after the holidays?
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Things to do today or tomorrow:

go to the gym
write a scene
write the next scene

see thecoughlin
buy jeans on purpose, and a snazzy velvet jacket accidentally
grocery shop: buy cheese, bread, milk, and cat food

do laundry
get dressed
paint toenails
henna hair
do the dishes
do the dishes again
practice guitar
practice guitar again

eat something
eat something else
eat something good for me (oatmeal and some leftover butternut squash, not in the same bowl, and I will have carrots and chicken in a little bit)
go for a walk
take the garbage out