November 6th, 2006

bear by san

WFC photos

Home from WFC. My hat got around.

stillsostrange has many pictures, and I understand others do, as well:

The new face of SFF, and why nobody has noticed it.

Seventies rock stars of Science Fiction: the glam, the mod, the punk.

And let's see that one more time.

The Adventures of Slut-Hat, courtesy of Amanda Downum, who comments here and here:

Steven Downum

Marissa Lingen

Ellen Datlow

Jay Caselberg

Jay Lake

Laura Anne Gilman

Chris Billett

Celia Marsh

C.E. Murphy

Tiffany Trent

Walter Jon Williams

David Levine

Ellen Klages

Ginjer Buchanan

Lou Anders

Michael Curry

Rae Carson

Jason Williams (who later dropped Hal on his head)

Leah Bobet

And here's stillnotbored's photo set. And more of the hat:

Amanda Downum in the hat (and not much else)

Ellen Datlow

No hat, but more of the New Face of Science Fiction.


Leah Bobet in the hat, on Santa's lap, with David Levine as elf-in-training

Jenny Lynch, gorgeous and scantily clad, with her admirers. You know, these things are far more secure than they look.

More corsetry

Marissa Lingen, behatted.

And from somebody else, a photo of Lou Anders in the hat, with his eyes open. And one of me with no hat, but I look cute.

Somewhere out there I know there are pictures of Ellen Kushner, Tim Powers, Serena Powers, Scott Lynch, and Delia Sherman behatted, and Steven Brust doubly behatted. And probably some other people, too. The hat often went off unsupervised and only staggered home late, drunk, and reeking of perfume.

Send links if you happen to find them.

(Yes, I had fun.)
bear by san

there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio--

I should probably practice guitar, but it's late, so I think I shall do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is also when I need to start on my new to-do list. I shall take the rest of tonight to finish crowleycrow's Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land. That will be a pleasant use of time. Also, I will enter my loot into Librarything.

On the plane flights, I read several books. The love-song-to-NYC YA fairy tale meta-romp, Changeling, by Delia Sherman; the charmingly snarky Aleister Crowley, the Beast Demystified (different Crowley than crowleycrow), which was not in-depth but amusing, and Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, which I liked a good deal, although I thought it bogged down in polemicizing occasionally, and the ending was a bit weak.

What I'm doing between now and the middle of 2008, the current list, in order:

Finish By the Mountain Bound (tomorrow)
Finish "Chatoyant" (next week)

Write "Lumiere" (ASAP)
Dust proposal (by the second week in January)
Proposal for a sequel to A Companion to Wolves (with truepenny)
Revise All the Windwracked Stars
Write the nameless space opera novella (April)
Write Dust
Revise Ink & Pen and Hell & Earth, if that is what they wind up being called.
Figure out what I'm writing after Dust and write a proposal for it
Revise The Sea thy Mistress
write novella for Chris
(misc. galleys and CEMS, on an as-needed basis)

...yanno, they say artists have no job security.

Hmm. I think it's actually sinking in that this is what I do for a living, and I'm kind of not too bad at it.


bear by san

more hats

Hal Duncan looks awfully happy about being licked by Jim Minz and Jay Caselberg...

Consensus was, Hal looked best in the hat.

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