November 13th, 2006

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I'm not overly concerned with commenters, you know, remaining on topic or what have you. Nor do I mind long digressive conversations in comments between other people. I mean, *I* can't answer all the comments--that alone would be a full time job. So I'm grateful to those who do.

In other news, my upstairs neighbor is extra stompy this morning. Clomp Clomp Clomp! Clomp!

Per the radio this morning, the mandatory recount is ongoing, and it's Joe Courtney (D) in CT's second district by less than 200 votes. Although Simmons has picked up one (1) vote so far.

And back to the wampyr mines. I really want to finish this story.
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and every stinking bum should wear a crown

ccfinlay being all on the ball and all, he informs us that Issue 4 of Subterranean is now available as a free PDF download. This is the John-Scalzi-edited infamous cliche edition, which includes a lot of fantastic stories and essays by people like Jo Walton, Chris Roberson, Nick Sagan, et. al. And in addition to those, one by me, which is about a shark.

In addition, Subterranean Press is hosting a great big fat 40% off sale, which includes pre-orders of the very book I am complaining about working on right now! Coincidentally, a portion of that book, the Victorian vampire dirigible novella "Lucifugous," is currently available in Subterranean #5. And another bit of it--"Limerent"--will see print in Subterranean #6, also, and is slated for eventual serialization on the Subterranean Press website. The New Amsterdam books are limited edition hardcovers, by the way, so when the ~2000 copies of the unlettered edition and the ~200 copies of the Signed Special Ultra Top Secrit Expensive Version are sold, that's it.

Thus, it logically follows to point out that a certain cmpriest, known to us also as Cherie Priest (after whom a certain character in "Lucifugous" may or may not be named, ahem, see? there is a connection) is also published by Sub Press, and her nuns-with-guns novella "The Wreck of the Mary Byrd" is currently available to read free on the website. (And if you like that, her book Dreadful Skin is on the pre-order discount list too.)

Other titles available through the sale include books by such notables as grrm, docbrite, crowleycrow, scalzi, autopope, and a bunch of people who are too foolish to have livejournal handles. greygirlbeast has at least one title currently available through Subterranean, but it's not on sale, and I believe that such is her deserved popularity that all the rest are sold out.*

*for the subtext-impaired: ordering now couldn't hurt, if you crave or covet any of these things.
bear by san

I must be hungry because I go crazy over your leather boots

[12:33] matociquala: I wonderwhat would happen if I reinforced my guitar calluses with superglue.
[12:33] tanaise: I think you should experiment bear!
[12:34] leahbobet: (Death to the air raid siren fire alarm.)
[12:34] matociquala: I might. The dimple in one of them makes practice harder than it needs to be
[12:34] matociquala: I have coffin smut, however.
[12:34] leahbobet: (Death to the people who pull the fire alarm.)
[12:34] matociquala: Yay, coffin smut.
[12:35] leahbobet: Is that not cramped?
[12:36] matociquala: It's extremely cramped.
[12:38] tanaise: But, as we all know, it's just the necrophilia that makes it so dirty
[12:39] matociquala: Well, they are both dead.
[12:39] matociquala: undead
[12:39] matociquala: whatever
[12:40] tanaise: does that make it not necrophilia? 
[12:40] matociquala: I'm not sure.
[12:40] tanaise: or extra dirty?
[12:40] matociquala: I could blog this, and ask the internets.
[12:41] tanaise: You have a given, and some equations, all you need is someone else to provide the proofs.
[12:41] matociquala: *is so resolved*
[12:43] leahbobet:, that's tricky.
[12:43] tanaise: I think I've had the 'is it necrophilia with the undead' discussion before,
[12:43] leahbobet: We have, yes.
[12:43] leahbobet: But that was a mixed couple.
[12:43] tanaise: but so far as I know, there's never been any definitive answer.
[12:44] matociquala: Indeed. And this is both vampires. One of whom is explaiming over the cliche...
[12:44] leahbobet: Well, I figured ghosts/undead being attracted to live people wasn't a perversion, it was just them continuing their natural process from before they died.
[12:45] leahbobet: Both undead is harder.
[12:45] tanaise: Thanks to Sufjan, I now want to write about a vampire living on Lake Michigan.
[12:46] matociquala: Well, it's not like that isn't how both of them *got* to be undead.
[12:46] matociquala: Hooking up with vampires, yanno, can extend your unlife expectancy.
[12:47] leahbobet: That's a tidy mutual parasitism relationship.
[12:48] matociquala: Sebastien has some complicated hangups.
[12:48] tanaise: well, plus, it's okay for the undead, but what about the humans in the mixed couples?
[12:50] leahbobet: We can probably safely assume that it's non-con for the humans in at least half the cases.
[12:51] matociquala: Depends. We've established a certain amount of, er, cattle trade.
[12:51] matociquala: On the other hand, Sebastien, ah, is an ethical carnivore.
[12:51] matociquala: *g*
[12:52] tanaise: well, when it's non-con, it's definately dirty
[12:53] tanaise: regardless of if it's necrophilia.
[12:53] matociquala: Yes.
[12:53] matociquala: Well, I think it's all dirty. I have a fairly Puritan society here.
[12:53] matociquala: In which, of course, people do what they always do. They're just more ashamed of it.

17,796 words and counting
wicked fairy bowie

passing trains that have no names

Progress notes for 11-13 November 2006:


New Words:  6,687
Total Words: 19,081
Pages: 81
Deadline: Dec 31
Reason for stopping: --30--

Stimulants:  peach tea
Exercise: none
Songs mutilated: Various, although I haven't practiced yet today, and may in fact blow it off. I'm kind of fragged.
Mammalian assistance: Clingy cat
Mail: Money! Yay! A royalty check and the Undertow delivery cash. Fire up the jalopy, mama, we're going into town!

Today's words Word don't know: prat, unbeating, Ganymedes, muttonchop, womanfully, costermongers, bartop, windowshades, indrawn,
Mean Things: Revolution, civil war, relationships that just don't work out.
Tyop du Jour: chill seat
Jury-rigging: I'm going to have to go back over this thing and put in the plot, I can already tell.

Right, off to the bank. And then I have a date with a lavender bath bomb and some take-out sushi.

bear by san

while waiting for the sushi to arrive

...good lord, I'm tired. Exhausted, considering all I did all day was sit on my butt and type.

In a marathon 11-hour session, okay. *g*

Things to do tomorrow, or at least this week:

Clean this pigsty!!!!!!!!!
Go to Trader Joe's, and get Greek yogurt and some Two-Buck Chuck

Get a meatloaf sandwich from the Greek Deli on Sisson (you could even walk there, couldn't you, Bear?)
Go to the gym at least twice and preferably three times
Get out there and go for a walk. Or four.
Grocery shop for hot sauce, cheese for grilled cheese sammich, bread, the good milk
Practice guitar

Revise "Chatoyant"
SFWA griefcom stuff
Read Mainspring
Read some stuff for, you know, the fun of it
Do the laundry and sort out the wearable from the unwearable clothes
Pay bills
Buy furniture as soon as that check clears, so you all don't have to listen to me whining that my butt hurts from sitting on the floor. *g*

Yep. Unmitigated glamour, all the way.