November 19th, 2006

bear by san

die die!

The Davis Enterprise reviews Carnival:

While “Carnival” has some of the elements found in Bear’s earlier books — lots of technology, a sort of “us against them” action tale — I noted more depth of character here. The focus is on how the characters think, and how that dictates their actions. “Carnival” isn’t quite a psychological tale, but it does posses some strong aspects of one.

..."Us against them?"


(cmpriest and tammy212 got purty good reviews, BTW. As did some Terry Pratchett guy....)

I have some good news, but it's a Secrit. I'll tell you next week, maybe, if I'm allowed.

I just did something I have been negligent about, which is working out my time and financial budget through the end of my current and projected contracts. The good news is, I'm making a living and working my ass off for the next four years. Wow, got me about ALL THE FUN I CAN STAND.

Also, it's cold and the heat is on, and I am going to eat breakfast and then go for a walk in a bit and chill out some before I come home and finish reading The Course of the Heart. And then who knows what I'll do with the afternoon? I need to pay my student loan and play guitar a little, but other than that, I'm cool.

Because I am still On Vacation while "Chatoyant" settles. I think I'm giving myself until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I need the brain drain time.

And then I need to write "Lumiere" and the proposal for Dust, and get them out the door. And then that novella due April 1, and then finish the revision on All the Windwracked Stars and the draft of Dust. That should take me through to next August or September, I expect. *g*

Fire up the exercise wheel. Here we go.
phil ochs troubador

musicians taking the piss, part twelve.

... Richard Thompson just did something evil in this live thing I'm listening to. He played the riff from "Mandy" in between songs, I presume while checking his tuning.

That ought to be illegal. It's going to be six hours of bludgeoning myself with "King of the Road" to get that dislodged now.

Also, I just discovered today that one of the live versions of "Hungry Like The Wolf" I have floating around the hard drive trails off into "TVC-15." I believe this is entirely ndannais's fault.

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bear by san

The cat and I

...are engaged in something of a debate over exactly who gets to sit in the chair that I bought to sit in while I work, when I do not care to sit at the desk.

Not so much a quality image, but you get the idea.

Wouldn't you think that chair was big enough for one girl and one cat?