November 22nd, 2006

bear by san

aaaaaaaaaaaaand here's Johnny!

Or rather, here's the copyedited manuscript for Undertow, which just showed up on my doorstep with bells on and a Dec. 6th return date.


Here is what my to-do list before Jan. 15 looks like:

Undertow CEM (Dec. 6)
Thing for Green Man Review (Dec. 1)
Thing for Storytellers Unplugged (Dec. 6)
"Chatoyant" revision (Dec. 31)
"Lumiere" draft and revision (Dec. 31)
Dust proposal (Jan. 15)


Guess I'm starting that CEM tonight. It'll give me something to do during the commercials on Mythbusters and Criminal Minds. You would be amazed how all those little fragments of time add up.

Good job I just bought a couple of bottles of wine and the pantry is stocked.

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Folks, please welcome jimvanpelt and deliasherman to livejournal. They're both fine writers and people, and I hope you'll all get along.

Also, Jim's asking a smart question here.

I started reading a galley of Un Lun Dun today. I like it a heck of a lot better, so far, than everything else by China I've ever read. It has momentum and characters I care about, and so far, not much pus. And it's just as well-written as The Scar. So w007.
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bear by san

Right. Coffee break's over. Back on your heads.

"Daddy" Warbucks is now the richest fictional character; Santa Claus, Lex Luthor off the list.

Bruce Wayne and Willy Wonka are holding on, though, and Tony Stark is new on the list for this year....

This year's list.

Last year's list.

The protagonist for Dust showed up today. Unfortunately, she appears to be a Poor Servant Girl Fated For Quests And Eventual Great Things. However, I promise she will neither grow up beautiful, nor marry a handsome prince.

Also, apparently I have been on vacation too long, as I think the reason I was cranky and restless last night and this evening was due to lack of enough things clamoring for my attention.

Maybe I'll revise "Chatoyant" on Friday, then.