December 30th, 2006

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don't you worry, they won't find my body

...I still feel like I left my oomph in my other pants, but as long as the book is cooperating and cheerful to be written, by God I'm going to write it! Today and yesterday are non-gym days (tomorrow, weights) and I'm trying to rest a little. One may find that one tends to work too hard, or so one's friends may tell one.

Anyway, I might get chapter two done today, because it's all in my head. And then I will be halfway to the fifty pages I need for the proposal. Then I have to make up out of whole cloth write a synopsis that will bear absolutely no resemblance to the eventual finished book, trying to avoid the words "and then a miracle occurs" at any point, and I will have done the thing that must be done by mid-January, and I can laze about until the next time the night shift brain squirrels get uppity, or a deadline looms, whichever comes first.

But for right now I'm going to stick my feet into a cup of coffee until my toes warm up, and maybe eat something (all this maintenance!)



This is so complicated.

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the dirt is your lover now

darn meat-puppet. You know, I did just put food in it, it seems like no time at all ago. Rather a lot of food.

And here it goes whining again.

...Oh, I guess that was six hours ago. Huh, time flies.

So I got to the end of chapter two of Dust (it looks like the book's running to ~10 page chapters) which means I have about thirty more pages to write to get to the end of the proposal. And I have 16 days to do that in. Yanno, I think I can handle this, if I can keep my inner hare from freaking out.

Anyway, I'm on page 22, and so far I have cannibalism, regicide, dismemberment, Mysterious Strangers, derelict spacecraft, orphaned housemaids, nanotech elementals, and a broken dishwasher.

I wonder if I can keep up this pace.

So I took one of those Jungian personality type self-tests last night, out of curiousity, and this week, I'm an INFJ. (I'm always IN-something. The last two change without notice, as I'm always kind of borderline.) So, if you feel like you don't really know me, you're probably right, and if you feel like you know me pretty well, don't worry--it's all smokescreen.

Anyway, this is one of those odd synchronicities, because I trolled through my reading list this morning and found razorsmile talking about Carnival, and saying lots of interesting and only semi-spoilery character things.

Funny thing is, while I cannot actually answer his question (and dog knows, I may be wrong about my extrapolations,) I can at the very least explain my research. And since r.s. made me think about it, I wrote it down. And I don't think there is much in the way of spoilers here, anyway.

Collapse )

And since I did that... a review and comment roundup (no rutabagas, some spoilers)*:

Somebody Spanish liked Carnival.

Somebody who thought the Jenny books were a tad meh also thinks Blood & Iron is on the meh side, too, and too much like A Midsummer Night's Dream. But I am promising, if I can stop overcomplicating things. (I can't wait to see what Mr, Orzel makes of not-The Stratford Man.)

But it sounds like treize64 liked the faerie book .

Here's somebody who thinks I'm a better writer than I think I am. I am contemplating releasing her or his DNA into the water supply. (mevennen, you get some love here too.)

Notes from somebody who is still reading Carnival and who just found this lj, so I can make him or her transcendently selfconscious.

I'll be taking DNA scrapings from muneraven, too.

Ooo, and I have a month to nibble my nails while waiting for a Locus review, it looks like. But in the meantime, here's their books-recieved writeup, which looks promising

*look, ma, I got my sense of humor back.

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link salad: there's no such thing as global climate change

16-year changes in the USDA hardiness charts.

Bye bye, Lohachara Island.

We weren't using that ice shelf for anything, were we? Think of it as experimental support for theories of punctuated equilibrium.

Old rain forests can be recycled to make nice savannahs, it's true.


Not that anybody's asking me, but I think we can all stop looking for that tipping point. Me, I'm looking forward to the Africanized bees and fire ants, here in the Northeast. And mmm, hemorrhagic fevers.