December 31st, 2006

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hogs, slopping thereof.

I don't actually believe in New Year's resolutions, but in 2007, I do have some goals. One of them is to read at least a hundred actual books (manuscripts for friends do not count, bound galleys do). (I think I made it close this year, but I quit counting somewhere in the sixties because my goal was fifty-two.). And I think at least three of those books should be Terry Pratchett, because I need more Terry Pratchett in my life than I have had, recently, and I keep being reminded that I want to read Wintersmith.

I also need to write one novel, revise one novel, and rewrite one novel. and write two novellas. Those are more commitments than resolutions, though.

And keep going to the gym and playing guitar (badly).

And do something about my healthcare situation.

Okay, that's enough. Right now I'm going to drink a lot of coffee and read the rest of Chaz's book and noodle on the guitar. And then tomorrow I might write my column for, which is going to be on reading protocols.

See you in 2007.

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Pimpage? Pimpage.

You should go read Hannah's zombie story. 

If that doesn't make you sniffle at least a little, I suspect you are probably deep down inside a bad person, after all.*

Also, Bill's decided which New Amsterdam story we're web-serializing, and it's "Lucifugous," the one with the vampires and the dirigibles. It starts Tuesday, and of course I will be linkying again as it runs.

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*No, not really. Sheesh.**

**Okay, yes, really.
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brni is so hired. "Real art won't match your sofa."

I have just finished reading River of the World, desperance's book which is coming out in April. So I guess I have to count it as a 2006 book.

I should have saved the last page for tomorrow.

I'm not sure if this is the conclusion of the story, or if there's more--it comes to a satisfying hesitation point, anyway. But man, this is a heck of a book. I mean, first off there's Chaz's prose, which is lucent, measured, occasionally breath-taking. His sense of characterization is like a high-wire artist's sense of balance--sure and agile, eloquent, to all appearances utterly fearless. And his plotting is completely ruthlessless.

This is the good stuff.

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