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i need you to feel this

[12:47] matociquala: UK/British Isles addresses: too freaking long for American forms.
[12:47] matociquala: *Shares turkey noodle soup*
[12:48] matociquala: I will have to make this for you this summer.
[12:48] matociquala: it came out awesomesocks.
[12:48] hawkwing_lb: I suppose it comes of accreting all those historical placenames. :-P
[12:48] hawkwing_lb: ooo, soup.
[12:48] matociquala: Fr Serious.
[12:48] hawkwing_lb: *will not say no to awesomesocks *
[12:49] matociquala: and it takes 20 minutes
[12:49] matociquala: And is cheap
[12:49] matociquala: I should just post what passes for the recipe.
[12:49] matociquala: But seriously: a house name, a street name, a town, a shire, sometimes a river, a country, and THEN A NATION?
[12:49] matociquala: YOU PEOPLE.
[12:49] hawkwing_lb: Hey.
[12:49] matociquala: Put a postal code on it and be done.
[12:50] hawkwing_lb: Sometimes there is a bridge and a postcode, too.
[12:52] hawkwing_lb: I once lived in a house with a name, a number, a road, a bridge, a town, and a county. And the road was named for the beach.
[12:52] hawkwing_lb: I suspect if there'd been a convenient stream, it would have gone on there too - sadly, the local hill was already taken.
[12:52] matociquala: At least we always know where to find you.

As promised: redneck turkey soup deliciousness.

Take a quart of chicken or turkey broth (chicken is actually better, I think) and simmer it with some mushroom stems, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, and garlic until the smell drives you mad.

Come back. Get some ground turkey (or chicken) and crumble it up and sautee it. You can sautee the mushrooms in here too if you didn't already use them for something else.

Deglaze the sautee pan with some of the broth. Strain the bits out of the remaining broth. Return all of this to the soup pan.

Add frozen green peas and your favorite egg noodles (wide ones are better) in quantity such as to make a hearty meal. Simmer until the peas and noodles are tender.

Eat with much smacking of teeth.
Tags: chatroom transcripts, food porn, the writer at work, this is for posterity

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