January 5th, 2007

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My colleague and fellow smut-monger Geoffrey Chaucer is reposting for his friend Margerye Kempe, in attendence at the M.L.A.

Here begynnyth a schort narracioun for synful wrecches, of the gret merci that ower Lord Christ Jhesu did unto a synful caytyf at the rite of MLA amonges the paynims and the scolers of blakke magick. (Thys synful caytyf and creatur is callid Margerye Kempe and her bookes can be yfounde in many fyne scryvyneres shoppes).

I snarfed yppocras.

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the chalice from the palace holds the brew that is true

Chapter Five of "Lucifugous" is up! In which Virgil Allen is embarrassed, and Sebastien suffers pangs of conscience. Not necessarily in that order.

Also, there's smooching.

"Lucifugous," in case you somehow managed to miss the last week of posts, is the first story in the forthcoming mosaic novel New Amsterdam, which can be pre-ordered here.

It's a little like a PBS pledge drive, with 57% less Lord of the Dance.

Small mercies, man. Small mercies.

look, people talking about my stuff, mostly the faerie book:

Blood & Iron made Lesley Hall's best-of-2006 list at Strange Horizons. 

Andrew Plotkin also liked it: commenters disagree. (He also mentions Carnival very flatteringly (and I am about ready to kiss him for picking up on some of the layering in that one, yay!), and books by papersky, scott_lynch, jpsorrow, naominovik, mevennen, truepenny, autopope, ellen_kushner, sartorias,  skzbrust, deliasherman, geekshow, davidkeck, 1crowdedhour... there might be too many of us on livejournal now.) 

james_nicoll reads too damned much.

*g* His comment on B&I just made me realize that the best way to sum up most of the major philosophical arguments in anything I write is "Oh, for Christ's sake, will you two listen to yourselves? You both sound like fools."

davidgoldfarb thought B&I was well-crafted, but didn't connect with it.

adobedragon was bored by B&I, and thought the character development uneven. (spoilers)

Obviously, I have left too much of the ritual intersections of sex magic and commitment and consent implied rather than patent. I have got to figure out a way to make it more obvious that sometimes the sex is just a business transaction.

Ah well. At least I got the awkward and uncomfortable across, if not the reasons why. [N.B. The book in one's head is not always the book one gets on the page.]

(this pretty much sums up why you can't take reviews, good or bad, really seriously. because you will never get every anybody to agree.)

Scott M. Sandridge reviews "Love Among The Talus" for Tangent Online.

romsfuulynn, on the other hand, comments on Carnival and doesn't buy the worldbuilding or the utility fogs at all (why is it that it's always the stuff I borrow from current research that makes people go "nuh uh!," but I can make up complete balderdash and they'll buy it? it is one of the great mysteries of writing.) but likes the characters and the plot, which she finds somewhat romancey*.

I love this passage. Everybody likes being called a genius:

Part of Bear's genius (and I think it is genius) for me is that her work reminds me of mosaics made of photos, which have hundreds of tiny little images that fit together to make a larger image.  Sometimes that image reflects all the small images and sometimes it subverts it or is recursive.  

But mostly I love it because it neatly sums up how I approach theme, much better than I have ever been able to.

ETA 10:40 AM makoiyi on Carnival, some spoilers. Finally, somebody who hates the character names as much as my editor expected everybody to! *g* (This was one of the arguments I won. Adding exposition was one of the arguments I lost.) Some spoilers. Wonder where the copyediting error she spotted is, though, since she didn't say.

(Trust me, once you see a novel into print, you either become absolutely dismissive of copyediting errors (and even minor continuity errors) or you stab yourself to death with a spork. Yeah, we all think our books are going to be perfect. Heh.)

...I always thought of Lesa as one of the primary protagonists, myself.

I do begin to suspect that not enough people have read Joanna Russ. So. Your homework for today is to go read some Joanna Russ.

ETA 10:54 am So I managed to get the column for Storytellersunplugged.com done. Yay me! Now, to pay bills.

ETA 10:54 am Why is the cat wiping snot on me?

ETA 10:54 am I am trying a new theory of blogging, which involves editing to add things to a post, so there will be less livejournal spamming.

*I've managed some kind of magic trick with this book. It's a romance! It's a spy thriller! It's social SF!

That's so cool.
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I'm going to be trying a new blogging thing, I think, which involves editing-to-add previous posts rather than spamming livejournal throughout the day. The saving stuff up for the evening thing never works for me, as I am too fond of instant gratification.

I'll try to timestamp stuff and clearly mark the additions as I do them.

Also, Stash green chai?


ETA Hmm. I may be trying to fix what ain't broke, here. What do you all think? Keep it the same, or less spam with maybe a reminder post in the evening?

ETA 11:33 am Okay, okay, the spam remains.

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via heresluck:

The coot. It burns.

So, today I wrote my January essay for Storytellersunplugged.com, went out to lunch with ladegard, came home and edited and revised the essay, and am now drinking coffee and eating salad. Now, I must answer some interview questions, slush, and print out contracts.

This is what vacation looks like.

Thank god there is coffee in the world.

And beer.

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So, you want to write a novel?


We're writing books.

The commitment is simple. 750 words a day. Three pages, manuscript format. 67,500 words in three months. Miss a day, make it up.

That's a pretty solid basic wordcount for anybody who wants to be a professional writer.

The idea of this is sort of an anti-NaNoWriMo. If you are working on another project--revising, whatever, you get your 750 words and go do the thing you're meant to be doing. Other writers will be around for coaching and bitch sessions and b*@khate.

Oh, yes, one more thing.

We will mock you if you fail.

So come on, sign up, post to announce your name and project, and off you go.

I'll be working on dust. Yes, this means I'm giving up my vacation (the things I do in support of my friends), but hell, 750 words a day?

That's nothing.

Grab a pen, and saddle up.

Novel. In 90.