January 28th, 2007

iggy pop chairman of the bored

the rats. the rats in the tailpipe. the rats.

Today is a day for reading Tolkien and Jeff Smith, playing guitar, visiting with thecoughlin and my Mom, and intermittent house cleaning. (The kitchen is more or less done. Next step, the itty bitty dining area. Then decluttering the living room and sweeping. Then the bathroom. Then the bedroom.) I tend to clean in half hour spurts with some goofing off in between. The urge to actually clean is a good sign that the vacationlet is taking hold. As is the fact that I got most of the next scene Pinion dropped into my head last night, which means I will have something to write tomorrow morning.

I am actually contempllating going on an insane writing push and seeing how much I can get done in the next week or two.

I will not be going to the gym or for a walk today (I will be doing so tomorrow, however) because apparently sometime last night my body noticed the spill(s) I took while geocaching in the snow on Tuesday. I have a bruise on my elbow the size of a tennis ball, and my left hip (the bad one) is screaming at me and I can't get it to pop back in, dammit. (Even the time-honored technique of doing splits against the wall is not working. Not that I can do a full split, or ever have been able to.) (TMI.)

Anyway, expect mostly radio silence today, except for possible intermittent book reports. In the meantime, have another pile of reader reviews while I go scrub the table:


mmarques really liked it.

tryslora also really liked it.

Blood & Iron:

wyrdragon votes yes.

so does fantasy author, the mighty Marie Brennan.

...well, that was all oddly unqualifiedly positive.
bear by san

Book report #8: Jeff Smith, BONE: Out From Boneville

Graphic novels count because I say they count.

I have read all of these but the last two before, but I read them as they came out, and now I want to read them all in order.

I love me some Jeff Smith.

In fact, I am the proud owner of a Ted the Bug baseball cap. *g* Pity I look terrible in baseball caps, but it was my workout hat for years.

Anyway. If you have not read this, do. It's like Cerebus, without all the crazy attached.