January 31st, 2007

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And this morning, I'm waiting for the tea to warm.

900 words last night. In which Dust pointed out that not only is he made of magictech, but also the antagonist of a book that is so Gothic it couldn't claw its way back down to the top with boot spikes and an antigravity generator, and that therefor, if he wished to turn himself into a clammy vampiric mist crawling along the corridors of a starship, he would bloody well transform himself into a clammy vampiric mist crawling along the corridors of a starship as seemed good to him, and there was nothing I could do to stop him, because the worldbuilding was on his side.

Even the frelling characters are rules lawyers.

At least, he may be Gothier Than Thou, but he's not the freaking drama queen that Mingan is.

Anyway, all this is by way of saying that I now have a problem. Because I should be writing my morning pages, and I don't know what the next scene is.

This may not be a critical problem, as I did get today's quota done last night, so technically I don't have to do anything this morning. But I would like to do something.

Ah well. 424 miles to Rivendell. Hoist that barge. Tote that bale.

The semi-weekly review collection:

renatus liked Carnival a lot. (slightly spoilery)

So did clarentine.

Which is good, because it helps buffer the (spoilery) egoblow from this reader, bnbalderwho thinks everything I write is populated with good-looking Mary Sues and shallowly characterized, but finds it inexplicably compelling anyway. I guess it's better than being inexplicably uninteresting. (Jenny will be shocked to discover that she is universally loved.)

I did like the bit in this review where the commenter talks about the bombing of Ottawa. Sie must have an edition of the book I haven't read. Or maybe I've already started forgetting the plot. (Somebody's going to pop up now and tell me I did bomb Ottawa, and I'm going to wonder when the timestream forked and how I missed my turning.)

The thing about the novels often focusing on people around the edges of the action is absolutely true, and I'm glad that came through, even if this particular reader did not care for the effect.

karenhealey on Blood & Iron, and catharsis.

Lesleyah offers brief but positive opinions of Blood & Iron and Carnival.

calico_reaction's review of Fast Forward 1 is overwhelmingly positive. Seems like the reviews are going very well for this anthology. (Unthemed anthologies are better? I dunno, but I suspect it may be so.)

dyanearden liked Carnival; the book review is in the middle of a really charming quotidiana post

And John Joseph Adams releases the ToC for Wastelands, forthcoming post-apocalyptic reprint anthology. I have a little altitude sickness, looking at that list of names.

Okay, now I really should pretend I work here. Otherwise, when will I know it's time to walk down to the grocery store and buy milk and eggs so I can make that meatloaf?
rengeek fucking silence

I don't want to live in my father's house no more.

And 977 words, courtesy of an unscheduled angelic visitation.

Tonight after Mythbusters, SAMAEL EXPLAINS IT ALL. Which is not nearly as fun to say as Michelangelo Osiris Leary Kusanagi-Jones Explains It All. But may involve an incipient nova, so it's all good.

And now to get clean and get up some ambition to go to the store.
comics bone stupid stupid rat creatures

Book Reports, #s 14, 15, 16, 17

Bone: Old Man's Cave
Bone: Ghost Circles
Bone: Treasure Hunters
Bone: Crown of Horns**

In summary, let me say:

"The end of the world, of course."
"You are so weird."
"Chin up, Phoncible. We won't give up the valley without a fight."

And also:

"There's not enough destruction to go around, we gotta have evil too?"

And additionally:

"How deep is it supposed to be?"
"Bottomless. I didn't know you could really do that."

And in conclusion:

"We're in a bit of a hurry. The world is ending, remember?"

Narratively I find the denouement a little too tidy. Too many takebacks on the maimings, though the deaths are for real, and I think there are some missed beats where the emotional impact could be reinforced.. Unlike LotR, where the prices are paid in souls and futures, I think Bone is missing the gutpunch that I think could have really elevated it to the level of profound genius.

So it will just have to labor along as a mere enduring classic of the genre.

So sad.

Now go read it already.

**After this, back to real books. No more cheating with graphic novels until I sit down and read all of The Invisibles.
problem cat

if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

[21:25] matociquala: Also?
[21:25] matociquala: Jamie is kind of scary with his shirt off.
[21:25] matociquala: where kind of = orangutan
[21:25] matociquala: that's a LOT of patchy orange fur
[21:26] leahbobet: heeeeeeeeee
[21:26] matociquala: I love the mythbusters, but teh sexx they are not
[21:53] stillsostrange: I dunno, I think Adam's pretty darn cute
[21:59] matociquala: (OH, God, Amanda, you just catapulted me to a horrible Mythbusters revelation)
[22:00] stillsostrange: hee
[22:00] matociquala: You know what it is, don't you?
[22:00] stillsostrange: ...
[22:00] stillsostrange: *waits*
[22:01] matociquala: Somewhere on the Internet, there is ...
[22:01] matociquala: inevitably....
[22:01] stillsostrange: snerk
[22:01] matociquala: Mythbusters RPS.
[22:01] stillsostrange: *dies*
[22:01] katallen: no
[22:01] matociquala: *pokes eyes out with golden brooches*
[22:01] katallen: some things just cannot be
[22:02] stillsostrange: *does not go there*
[22:02] stillsostrange: *goes anyway*
[22:02] stillsostrange: That would be some very elaborate slash
[22:02] matociquala: This is in part my own fault, because I was just sitting here thinking about how cute it is that Adam constantly puts his life in Jamie's hands.
[22:02] matociquala: Rube Goldberg, even
[22:02] stillsostrange: Yes
[22:03] stillsostrange: Jamie's strong, manly hands
[22:03] matociquala: Because it is ALWAYS Adam who does the incredibly stupid thing with Jamie holding the rope.
[22:03] matociquala: NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[22:03] matociquala: (and his patchy orange chest)
[22:04] stillsostrange: *squeaks*
[22:04] stillsostrange: *whimpers*
[22:04] stillnotbored: the ambiguously gay duo?
[22:04] stillsostrange: That mustache is pretty unambiguous
[22:04] *** tanaise has joined the chat.
[22:04] katallen: Hi Celia
[22:04] matociquala: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[22:04] stillnotbored: just flashing on old SNL cartoons
[22:05] stillnotbored: good old Ace and Gary *g*
[22:05] stillsostrange: (And by "how" I mean, "what game mechanic would account for this")
[22:05] matociquala: I am so blogging this.
[22:05] katallen: lalalalala
[22:05] leahbobet: LOL
[22:05] stillsostrange: My tummy feels funny now.
[22:05] stillnotbored: I'm thinking amanda
[22:05] stillsostrange: Make the bad brain stop.
[22:06] matociquala: No.
[22:06] matociquala: No.
[22:06] matociquala: Think nice safe thoughts
[22:06] stillnotbored: does this help?
[22:06] matociquala: That don't involve naked mythbusters
[22:06] matociquala: or worse, nekked mythbusters
[22:06] katallen: don't make me get the cricket bat
[22:06] stillnotbored: :)
[22:07] katallen: and I looked
[22:07] stillnotbored: heh
[22:07] stillsostrange: I read the url.  :P
[22:07] matociquala: Never look.
[22:07] tanaise: Nekkid is nude with intent.
[22:07] matociquala: Exactly my point, celia
[22:07] stillnotbored: no one is naked in that picture
[22:07] katallen: it had wiki in it
[22:08] katallen: if it's sans nekkid mythbusters then it is *good*
[22:10] matociquala: That's what I love about you guys.
[22:11] matociquala: There is always somebody who will take me to an even worse place than I went myself
[22:11] tanaise: like nekkid mythbusters?
[22:11] tanaise: cause really, there has yet to be a worse place than that.
[22:11] katallen: and we're not going there
[22:11] matociquala: Nekked mythbusters was the recovery phase
[22:11] matociquala: I *am* blogging this.
[22:11] matociquala: You are warned
[22:11] katallen: or I sing Barry Manilow