February 3rd, 2007

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i'm not even supposed to be here.

So it's saturday morning and there's Miles Davis on the radio and I am sitting here watching the sun rise.

And I just remembered, I'm not even supposed to be up.

Silly brain with its silly schedule and its silly work ethic, too.
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bear by san

well, there's a whole inch of snow out there.

So that fretfully awaited Locus came, and I have read it. And the reviews of Carnival are, I think, quite good. (Apparently, the way one reviews Carnival is by presenting a plot summary and then saying "but despite all this, it's really quite actiony!" This seems to be a trend. Perhaps it's a reviewer's polite way of insinuating that I have too much stuff in my books.) I mean, I'm still not a sooopergenius, and I think I've missed my window for being a child prodigy, but I am pleased by the response. (I bet you didn't know that a Locus review could make you a sooopergenius, did you?) I think that everything I put into the book made it into the reviewers' heads, anyway, which is a step forward.

I may be getting the hang of this. I suspect at this point if I want better reviews I will have to write better books, and I am not sure how to do that yet. I sometimes wonder if my own particular gifts as a writer are not suited to being a brilliant pioneer of science fiction.

(The reviews of Fast Forward 1 and Subterranean 5 are also quite positive. And also agree: I am not an innovative genius. ALAS! Well, whatcha gonna do? I only got the brain I got.)  

Still, I seem to write good characters and interesting plots. So that's something.

(Also, there are rave reviews for Ink and Brasyl and a short story of truepenny's and some other things I was happy to see well-reviewed. Not that I root for my friends or anything. Maybe while we're asking Rob Sawyer to shelve things, we should get him to shelve Ink; I think they're marketing Hal as science fiction, aren't they?)
bear by san

post scriptum

I am sneezing. And I think I might have a fever. But, in a stunning demonstration of my priorities, I have four meat thermometers and no human thermometers.

And no, it is not possible to get an accurate temperature reading by putting the probe of the fancy instant-read kitchen thermometer under your tongue.

I'm not telling you how I know that.

Bet you can't wait to come to dinner at my place, huh?

And man, I'm already bored with this vacation thing.** Who was it that had twelve hours, in the betting pool?*

*katallen and truepenny are laughing their asses off right about now.

**yes, I'm predictable.***

***yes, this is why I am flooding livejournal with pointless posts.
muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!

she's a Ph.D. in i told you so

My robot made me bread today.

OMG, that's some nice bread.

And so, I have some more poetry for callunav.

This is based off the saffron bread recipe in The Essential Cookbook, modified for the robot and for not being a seven-cup-of-flour recipe because hello, still only one girl.

so here is what I did:

2 1/4 tsp. of rapid-rise yeast
4 cups flour (half bread flour, half unbleached white)
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp demerera sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
1 large egg, beaten
1 1/4 cups warm water with a large pinch of saffron crumbled in to soak

a dash of milk when the dough proved too dry.

Dump in bread machine and go away for 3.25 hours. Come back. Notice that bread has attempted to outgrow the robot, but the robot's heavy lid has averted disaster. Remove bread from robot. Slice off the malformed bit on top and eat steaming.

Fluffy, fragrant, delicate, delicious. Fragile enough that spreading room-temperature butter on it was a challenge.

Next time: soak the saffron longer beforehand, use 1/4 tsp less yeast, and 1/4 tsp more salt.
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