February 5th, 2007

criminal minds reid yes i'm a genius

One of the creepier recursive viral marketing gimmicks I have seen:*

Context: Last night's special-time post-Superbowl Criminal Minds episode was the first half of a two-parter (which is supposed to re-air before the second half in America on Wednesday; I suspect they'll run it again before the second half in Canada on Tuesday, because the Canadians are better than us.)

Part of the schtick this time is that the unsubs are digitally recording their murders and releasing them onto the internet, as viral .avi files.

I give you... a preview for the second half of the ep. (spoilers for the first half, and oh look, Reid is having a Bad Day again. Really, subtitle for this season should be Spencer Reid And The Terrible Horrible No Good Really Bad Day. He's the best Young Man In Peril since Robin. [oh, just a little peril.] )

Collapse )

7:30. Time to go to work.

ETAsome good, very spoilery discussion of the ep here.

BONUS APOD GORGEOUS OMG how much is that flight?


BONUS WRTING CONTENT LINK black_holly on "The myth of getting your foot in the door."

Confucius Says: to finish a story, you must know how to stop writing.

*also, I suspect, writ ironical, as one of the things they mentioned in passing on the show was the creepiness of violent videos spread on the Internets.
writing dust bible 'house of dust"

there's a wealth of amputation waiting in the ground

957 words last night; 869 words this morning. Total for Monday, 1826. 10 pages.  A good day, in other words, bringing me to 253 pages. Also got through the major reversal, and am moving into the third act, if you like three-act structures.

I am indeed on target for the end of the month. Half a book, half a book, half a book onwards!

417.8 miles to Rivendell. Also, did weights.

tyop: gray metal and patchy pant.

And now, off to shower before my lunch date gets here.
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Now it can be told

Subterranean Press and John Scalzi have made available a free audio recording of his novella The Sagan Diaries

In my continuing attempt to garner as much as the reflected light of John Scalzi as possible, and also because he asked, I am one of the readers. The others are Mary Robinette Kowal, Ellen Kushner, Karen Meisner, Cherie Priest and Helen Smith.

Isn't that cool?

John loves you, and wants you to be happy.

Also, it's a fun fun fun fun fun book. In an angst-filled, existentially questioning, blood and guts kind of way.
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