February 10th, 2007

bear by san

if you had an outfit, you could be a cowboy too

If you are a popular blogger, or if you review things for something, Subterranean Press wants to give you an ARC!

The ARCs include:

New Amsterdam (Elizabeth Bear);
D.A. (Connie Willis);
The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate (Ted Chiang)
To the Dark Star (Robert Silverberg);
Dreadful Skin (Cherie Priest);
The Shadows Kith and Kin (Joe R. Lansdale);
Getting to Know You (David Marusek);
and You’re Not Fooling Anyone… (John Scalzi)

Three ways to succeed as an entertainer:

1. Don't be boring.
2. Don't underestimate your audience.
3. Try to look like you're having fun up there. Hell: try to have fun.

And speaking of fun, I've already been up for an hour and a half today, and shoveled out a pile of email I was ignoring.

I am virtupus! And now, shower and coffee and then back to the CEM for me. Yay, smutty wolf book. Yay!
rengeek skinhead fortinbras

two down. one really big bastard to go.


That's the page proofs for Undertow and the CEM for A Companion to Wolves done. Leaving... the page proofs to Whiskey & Water.

Which means that this is the last time I will ever have to read that book, barring needing to look stuff up for sequels.

I kind of have mixed emotions about that. I mean, I loathe rereading my own work once it's in print. So I don't mind the not having to read it again thing.

But I am a little bittersweet about letting this particular story go.

All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.

*sharpens the green pencils, makes a pot of tea, and gets down to it.*
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narratological layering in popular television shows (or) why I am obsessed with this program

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If you're new here, don't worry. This is how my brain works. It will absolutely fix on some element of narrative and worry it to death for a while, and then give it one last shake and snap its neck and on to the next obsession.

Sadly, I never give up on the old obsessions. They just layer up.

However, over time, this does begin to present the illusion of being a well-rounded person.

There's a reason I have this as my default icon.