February 11th, 2007

writing whiskey devil

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Page 78 of the Whiskey & Water page proofs.

Why is there no fun in my Internets to distract me from working?

Are you people all, what, sleeping? C'mon, it's Sunday morning! Time to work!

...okay, maybe my schedule has become somewhat skewed.

When I get to page 100, I am taking a bath.
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This is a question for agents, editors, and production staff, NOT WRITERS. When I say agents and editors and production staff, I mean that you edit, copyedit, proofread, page design, book design, typeset, read slush, and in other words do a significant amount of work on other people's manuscripts.

If you are a volunteer editor or slush reader, your opinion still counts, as long as the market you work for is a paying market.

If you write AND do one or more of these other things put on your hardworking industry professional cap, please.


What market do you/did you work for and in what capacity?

What typefaces do you prefer to see in submissions?

Justify your existence, please Explain your rationale?