February 22nd, 2007

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I think I just figured out in general terms what the price is. Because there has to be a price.

No price, no story.*

I wonder if I can pull this off.

Also, I just got to write another one of those sentences that fill me with the love:

After the council of war, Rien's mother brought her cookies.

*In other news, I am bored with stories where the price is YOUR LIFE. Good lord, that is overdone.**

**I take that back, I am bored with stories in which the price is YOUR DEATH. YOUR LIFE is a MUCH more interesting price.
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it's time i had some time alone

862 words today. 72,393 for the year; 314 pages on the novel. Really into the homestretch here. I just have to finish breaking people.

Slow going. Lack of focus, I'm afraid; I'm going to take a break and come back for some more before archery. I'm torn between not feeling like working, much, and really really wanting to have the book done.

Really really wanting to have the book done is currently winning.

The Undertow advanced reading copies showed up today. Which means soon, they will be going out to reviewers and what-not. Spectra made them pretty for me, which I appreciate. Also, I signed about twenty million signature sheets for the limited edition of Subterranean 5 last night while watching Mythbusters.

I am so mighty.

And now, that break.
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suri hath Boskone pitchers.

Yes, that is my vintage '70's babyshit brown shirt with the rainbow stripe in colors not found in nature, which I am in fact also wearing RIGHT NOW.

It was 3 am. We were waiting for the Starbucks to open. What's amazing is how good I look.

No picture of me with Scalzi's tribble on my head, though.

Fetch, Carry, and Mock were teh awesome, I must say.
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the real reason why so many writers are alcoholics:

[15:21] matociquala: right
[15:22] stillsostrange: someone finish this scene for me
[15:22] matociquala: I'm going to walk down to the packie and investigate the wine selection.
[15:22] matociquala: And maybe by the time I get back I will understand what exactly is going to happen between Arianrhod and Rien
[15:22] matociquala: Oh.
[15:22] katallen: ::waves::
[15:23] matociquala: I think I just figured out part of it. *g*
[15:23] stillsostrange: heh
[15:23] hawkwing_lb: way to go :)
[15:23] katallen: ::dies laughing::
[15:23] matociquala: stupid brain.
[15:23] leahbobet: woo wine and plot!
[15:23] katallen: writers -- different because our subconsciouses can be bothered to hate us that much