March 12th, 2007

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there's a bathroom in the gas station and I have locked myself in it to think

There was milk and toast and honey, and a bowl of oranges too.

A blurry cellphone photo of my kitchen table this morning.

That almost looks intentional, doesn"t it? Also, I really need to do something with those lemons.

The gentleman from the management company is here regrouting my shower (YAY!) and I saw the first robin of spring yesterday. Also, hasenpfeffer for dinner (poor bunny! it was a giant bunny, too--it fed three, with enough leftovers that we could have fed two more.)

Today's project is to revise my Sub Press column and send it in. And practice guitar, once I have the apartment to myself and will not be brutalizing an innocent bystander. I did my homework, though (and it actually made sense, though I kept having to force myself to be more meticulous than I normally am.).

As a result, I have decided I need a math icon, but I'm looking for the proper text. I know the image I want* (because Spencer!Cam is love) but the clever wording has not yet come to me.

Never fear. It will.

And then I think I'll read the rest of Her Majesty's Spymaster (I need to polish off that and The Double Life of Doctor Lopez before I start revising the books formerly known as The Stratford Man, and I'm expecting that edit letter in mid-to-late April) and after that, who knows?

377.5 miles to Rivendell. It's day 4, and I'm on the path in the Forest. If I am mighty, I might get to meet Tom Bombadil before the week is out. But not today, because I lifted yesterday for the first time since before Boskone, and man, and I sore like a sore thing, man.

*okay, he's working on a book code there, not a math problem, but that's what poetic license is for.
bear by san

more icons, because I had photoshop open and was looking at screen caps, after all...

Just a few:

My math icon, complete with Feynman misquote (the original version is "physics."):

Images from What Fresh Hell and Oracle of Quantico. (top and bottom, respectively.)

Some more Bad Shirt Brigade icons (and I will cheerfully make more, if people send me caps. Admittedly, the Hotch one was a stretch, by comparison, but that shirt and that tie together are a little eyewatering. Garcia and Morgan are a loss, I think: Garcia has loud shirts, but they are never bad. And Morgan dresses in a rather nondescript fashion. But that's okay, because Gideon and Reid can keep us in bad shirt/bad sweater/bad tie icons until doooooomsday.)


and the winner, and still CHAMPEEN:

All these caps are from What Fresh Hell, unless I goofed.

And a bonus Garcia icon, because I love this cap with the sidelong glance and the smirk:

(Cap from Oracle of Quantico)
muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!

i'll show you where the white fishes swim at the bottom of the sea

My dinner tonight is the bittiest game hen I have ever seen in my life. I feel like I should be cooking it like a squab. (Instead, I have stuffed it, buttered it, seasoned it, and put it in the oven to roast. I could not, in fact, find a reasonable place to stick my instant-read thermometer. I mean, it's just me, and so I buy little ones on purpose, but I feel like a babykiller.)

I am amused to note that the stuffing consists of:

One (1) shallot. And not the whole shallot. Just one of the lobes.
One (1) slice of lemon (remember the lemons?)
some lemon grass.

In half an hour, I start garlic ginger brocolli for the side dish. I'd invite you to come over, but the squab hen is too small to share.

In other news, I am replete in a fine Australian screwtop red, and really accomplished a lot today.

I'm going to have to start writing that novella soon, aten't I?

and the train conductor says take a break driver 8 driver 8 take a break

Oh, REM, why must you only ever have two good songs on any given album? Why? Why?

So this is what I did tonight:

(aitchellsee, kelliem, tanaise, this is for you. And anybody else who needs spring soon.)

A lot of daffodils:


conté crayon





and my favorite, the always-classic oils.

Time to eat!