March 31st, 2007

iggy pop chairman of the bored

well, insomnia is good for something

I got my essay for April done. A week early, even.

Shockingly enough, it's on post-novel ennui.

Which of course is what's wrong with me.

The problem with the post-novel ennui is that one is both restless and stupid. So you're bored as anything, and you can't concentrate on anything that might fix the bored. You have no ambition, so you make lists of projects and then ignore them, except for the stuff that absolutely has got to get done.

You can't even spent too much time sleeping, because, as the timestamp on this post indicates, half the time you can't sleep.

My God, I even bore myself.

Man, I hate this part of the process. It's the lack of attention span as much as anything: you would think, while I was not doing anything in particular, I would be getting a lot of not-writing stuff done. But my entire productiveness for Friday was, well, 450 words of fanfiction. Despite good intentions on various levels.

Yes, I really do suck that much. That's all I got. I'm almost completely useless. And this despite even being rather enamored of the fanfic thing, mostly because I have the best epigraph ever.

Really, a good epigraph makes up for a lot.

I dunno if I'll ever actually post this thing I'm writing, though, because it's long enough, faithful enough, and has enough plot to sort of wander out of the land of fair use/commentary/parody/deconstruction. A couple of hundred or thousand words of character analysis is one thing, but an actual novelette is different in my head. Assuming it ever gets finished.

And I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that in the absence of a stated fanfic policy from the powers that be.

I shall have to think on it.

Tomorrow, though, I am at least going to try to read something and practice guitar and do some math and go to the gym. Because man, I even disgust myself.
rengeek kit icarus

obviously, she's encouraged by the outpouring of support. thanks, guys.

Cat vs. Monkey, journey to the center of the mattress

*jumps onto bed, landing on monkey's head*
Cat: Monkey? Are you awake?
Monkey: Not so you would have noticed. I mean, before you jumped on my face.
Cat: I want to get under the covers.
Monkey: No, you don't.
Cat: No, really. I need to get under the covers.
Monkey: Cat--
Cat: *claws at the edge of the covers*
Monkey: *ignores cat*
Cat: *claws at the edge of the covers*
Monkey: Stop that.
Cat: Moooooonkey. (!)
Monkey: *lifts up edge of covers, already knowing where this will lead*
Cat: *walks into the dark cave, purring until it echoes*
Monkey: *holds up covers*
Cat: *explores*
Monkey: *holds up covers*
Cat: *tickles*
Monkey: *suffers in silence*
Cat: *flops down against monkey's belly*
Monkey: *lets covers settle down*
Cat: Hey! Monkey! Let me out from under these covers!
Monkey: *goes back to sleep*
Cat: *huff*
Monkey: Get your own tentpole, cat.

criminal minds reid mathematics

inch by inch, row by row

I should probably still take out the trash and the boxes, but the fridge is clean, and the kitchen floor is washed. And I have somehow, without really realizing it, made it through chapter four of the algebra book. (I still have the self-test to go, but I turned the page, and it was like, hey, end of chapter.) So I have, apparently, learned how to factor.

And the whole thing was much less hard than it could have been, and kind of fun, actually.

I keep waiting to wake up and find the wall, but it hasn't happened yet.

We still won't talk about the arithmetic, though. ;-)

Tomorrow there is a field trip to Vermont with my mom in the cards, starting early, so I won't get the test done until Monday. But go team me. (And besides, a nice ten hour drive should not require overmuch mental capacity, so that's probably all to the good.)

There is eggplant draining in the sink. And tonight, I am making parmesan, as there is spaghetti sauce that needs used up, and of course that eggplant. I should take out the trash and check the mail and start that, shouldn't I? Because I am starving.

350.2 miles to Rivendell. I'm somewhere in the Barrow-Downs.