April 2nd, 2007

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gold lame and diamonds, even if my gold is worn--

wild_irises has the Tiptree List.

Congrats to:

Shelley Jackson for Half Life and Catherynne M. Valente for The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden.

The jury also gave an additional special recognition award for of Julie Phillips’ work of nonfiction James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon.

The honor list, formerly the short list, is also at wild_irises journal.

See what happens when I go to bed early?

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when the laugh track starts then the fun starts

Fantasy author David Keck needs a word. Specifically, he needs a cool-sounding archaic synonym for "sack" or "bag," or maybe another cool word he'll know when he sees it.

I have a flist full of Shakespeareans and medievalists. Surely someone can help the man out?

There is no hot water this morning. I have a headache from washing my hair under the cold water tap. It's a hard life where-ever you go.

Today, it is raining. I am going to sit in my big chair, drink tea, eat oatmeal toast with pink grapefruit marmalade, and in general recover from yesterday, which involved ten hours in the car and reaching that state where a McDonald's cheddar melt actually tasted pretty good. (Thus, I have discharged my yearly obligation to check and make sure I still don't like fast food.)

I am not going to the gym, and I am not going for a walk, except maybe to the corner to buy cat food.

I will read, and I will probably write some fanfic, because the nice thing about long drives is that they tend to make huge chunks of story fall into my head. (When netcurmudgeon and I drove from Las Vegas to Hartford in 2002, at the other end of the trip I sat down and wrote the first draft of By the Mountain Bound in three weeks. It was all there.)

I should probably feel guilty about goofing off that profoundly and Wasting My Talent On Writing For Self-Entertainment, but you know what? I don't. I might feel a little guilty about not feeling guilty, though.

Take that, guilt gorilla.

In other news, the only thing more fun than an 8 week old Briard puppy is four 8 week old Briard puppies that you get to give back after you're done wrestling with them and getting them wound up.

Someday, I will live someplace where I can have a dog again. And plant some rosebushes and raspberry brambles.
bear by san

Fic: Knock on Coffins

Well, after some consideration (pondering), I have decided that any ethical implications in posting this are pretty negligible. Please note, this is fanfiction, straight out, unbetaed, more or less first draft, done strictly for my own amusement, and no warranty express or implied.

Title: Knock On Coffins
Author: bear (matociquala)
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: FRT (a little swearing, some violence)
Genre: Gen
Pairing: No.
Spoilers: yes (this takes place somewhere probably immediately after "Ashes & Dust")
Disclaimer: Not for profit, strictly for entertainment, and completely and totally not mine.
Summary: Houdini kept a lockpick in his mouth for so long that he eventually wore a pocket in his cheek.

In the spirit of the show, this one comes with opening and closing musical selections:

(Over the cold open)

Collapse )

(Over the fade)