April 8th, 2007

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Survived Iggy & the Stooges, despite getting lost on the way there. Good concert. Deaf now.

It was almost exclusively older stuff. He's still in and out of the crowd like a greased eel.

Congrats to ianmacdonald, who brought home the BSFA short fiction award!
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hey look at those cavemen go

Book Report #28, Bruce D. Patterson*, The Lions of Tsavo

A profoundly erudite look at the ecology of the modern-day lions of Tsavo, which includes an overview of possible causes of man-eating behavior in big cats and some background on the legendary Tsavo maneaters. Dr. Patterson is MacArthur Curator of Mammals at the Field Museum in Chicago and works on Earthwatch's Tsavo project, and it shows

Good book. Full of crunch.

*No relation
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rengeek kit & tilda lucifer/gabriel

In case you thought I only got it from the cat....

stillsostrange: I want pie.
matociquala: Alas! There is no pie. I could make you toast.
stillsostrange: That is not pie.
matociquala: If I put jam on it it would be like pie.
stillsostrange: ...
stillsostrange: Pie.
matociquala: We could go to Denny's.
stillsostrange: Mmm. Denny's.
matociquala: Then we would be in an urban fantasy novel. But Denny's means car.
stillsostrange: Boo, far.
matociquala: We have nutrigrain bars. Those are like pie.
stillsostrange: Are those the nutrigrain bars I left here when I visited last August?
matociquala: Er. Yes?
stillsostrange: Gimme.
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problem cat

don't say that you love me

My cat is smarter than Scalzi's cat.

stillsostrange dared me to put bacon on the cat. I said, "...but we have ham!"

In honor of Easter, we hammed the cat.

The cat...

ate the ham.

Without taking it off. In fact, she seemed pretty excited to have mobile ham stuck to her butt.

(better pictures will follow when Amanda can unload them from her camera.)
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it's never the same pus from one second to the next

Book Report #29: Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot.

Third reread, and I still think this is an aggravating and over-rated exercise in literary masturbation.

But then, I feel the same way about Joyce, too.

Obviously, the flaw is in me.

Or maybe it's a guy thing.

(I also don't like Austen, but at least with her I can see what the fuss is about.)