April 25th, 2007

lion in winter broken because you're bri

what the thing in paranormal romance-style urban fantasy with the multiple hot boys is really about:

Secretly, heterosexual women want a stable of attractive, sexy, syncophantic, personalityless men who will fawn upon us and grant our every wish, and then go away and let us beat up the bad guys and impress them.* Also, it wouldn't hurt if they were really good in bed.

Yeah, sorry, guys. I know it's hard to take. I remember how shocked and unsettled I was when I found out that Charlie's Angels wasn't really about female empowerment.

Civilization honestly isn't such a bad idea after all, is it?

*Some of them can also be the bad guys, if they don't mind getting beaten up. It gives us the opportunity to angst pretty and try to save them.

(this comment was triggered by a conversation with tanaise and leahbobet:)
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I finished the chapter on radicals, though I have to do the review test tomorrow.

That was actually mostly reasonably easy, though it took me four tries to get one particular problem right. Why? Today's gift from my left brain: two times two does not equal two. Even when the twos are the coefficients of a pair of square roots of three. Which is to say, the product of that multiplication is twelve, not six.

Thank you.

Also, negative one squared is still positive one.

My poor brain. Even though it gets the theory just fine, I think when it comes to practical arithmetic it just throws up its hands and spins, and then picks a number at random.

Wow, I am sleepy. Can I blame the overcast?