May 5th, 2007

bear by san

I am...

...a somewhat overwhelmed-and-over-peopled-bear currently. Also, sneezing a lot.

Therefore, I am invoking Rule One*.

I will be under my rock until Wednesday.

There may be intermittent missives, but don't panic if not.

Yes, I owe the world email. I'm sorry about that. It's one of the things that is currently overwhelming me**. :-P

*"Don't die."

** I'm an introvert. Talking to people stresses me out. Even people I like.
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writing gorey earbrass conscious but ver

pretty soon, you will start thinking this is a myspace page...

This is all coffeeinhell's fault.

You know, that's actually lind of uncanny. Especially the spastic air guitar. Although I wasn't actually that thin even when I was an underweight middle distance runner. I don't have the bone structure for it.

Well, I'm bored, restless, cranky, hungry, and killing time with silly memes. Perhaps it's a sign that my brain is regenerating.