May 7th, 2007

bear by san

Book Report #39, Vernon J. Geberth, Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation

More cop textbooks/research reading.

Encyclopedic, useful, comprehensive. And still not recommended for the casual reader.

No, really.

Trust me, read a couple of these things and you will never complain about how unrealistic the portrayals of crime scenes and the aftermath of violence in the movies are again.

The real world is so much ickier.

And eight or nine pints of blood is a remarkable quantity, when it's sprayed all over somebody's living room. And there is no glamor in cop work, but I am really glad that there are people who are willing to do it.
problem cat

and we all like vindaloo

My column for Storytellers Unplugged for May is up.

This month's is on... characterization! 

In other news, I am torn between abject laziness, and the desire to go work out. I think this is what we classically call the Horns of A Dilemma.

Guess I'd better go cram some protein and carbs down my throat, and put a bandaid on that blister on my heel unless I want to suffer unnecessarily, hadn't I?

I really need some new athletic socks. Guess it's time for a Title 9 spree.
bear by san

to everybody who told me I absolutely had to watch Heroes....

Is it, er, normally better-acted and less predictable and portentous than this? And is there less people who demonstrate their sensitivity by whispering to super-powerful fourth graders?

(On the other hand, the two Japanese guys are love. I suppose I could rent the DVDs and just watch their bits. 43 minutes of Japanese guys wandering around NYC would be a totally okay TV show.)
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