May 10th, 2007

criminal minds hotch shades of justice

"This morning, I decided to save your life."

I seem to have the entirety of CM fandom referring to Hotch as "Mom."

Even in forums I don't post on.

Me for the win!

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More tomorrow, of course. *g*

P.S. Criminal Minds parodying movies is love. (Although "Somebody's Watching" is still the winner, for the movie parody eps, because nothing will EVER BEAT REID LECTURING THE CHICK ON TRANSFERRENCE WHILE SHE'S TRYING TO SEDUCE HIM.)

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criminal minds reid mathematics

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Graphing is boring.

Fortunately, I am done with the chapter on graphing, so there is only the self-test to do (tomorrow) and then I can move on to something hopefully more fun.

I am mostly to the end of the book. Eee. It's like, quadratic equations and word problems left to go.

I wonder what I shall study next.

I will need a new book.
rengeek the puppet (poisoninjest)

five random things that make me happy

1) raspberry lime seltzer.
2) better clustering at archery today. I am actually tempted to sneak over and shoot a little extra.
3) also, my guitar playing is improving. which is not to say that it isn't lousy. because it is lousy.
4) unexpected presents in the mail.
5) the winter jasmine has a flower on it. considering how yellow the leaves are, this may be its swan song, but... I am grateful to it for trying.
6) the presumptuous cat presumes she loves me.
7) friends.
8) my head is feeling much less scraped. like there may even be story in there again someday.
9) lovely cool breezes.
10) New Amsterdam ships in two weeks.
11) Interested Cat Is Interested. very, very interested.

Okay, that was more than five.
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