May 17th, 2007

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ambition's like a sifting screen on an old farm plow

Progress notes for 17 May 2007

All the Windwracked Stars

New Words:  838
Total Words: 19,003
Words for the Year: 125,834
Deadline: November 1
Reason for stopping: quota, errands

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
19,003 / 100,000

Today's words Word don't know:  verdigrised, hoverboards, cobblestoned, tunnelish,  
Darling du Jour: NA

Mean Things:
meeting a cute boy you are way too old for
Tyop du Jour: NA

Well, that was a job lot of setting.

I decided to keep the flashback in second person. Maybe I should stick a Kasimir POV in here. It's been a while.

Miles to Rivendell: 245.4. 6th day from Bree: "Frost. Very clear. Can see crumbled ruins on Hills ahead."
problem cat

Cat V. Monkey: Nuclear Escalation

Cat: M-m-m-m-monster!
Monkey: ?
Cat: Monster! In the kitchen!
Monkey: want to watch Scooby-Doo?
Cat: No! There's a monster! In the kitchen! And it growled at me! And it's coming this way!
Monkey: Hmm.
Cat: What are you going to dooo, Monkaye?
Monkey: This monster.
Cat: Yes?
Monkey: Is it about eighteen inches in diameter and three inches tall?
Cat: What's an inch?
Monkey: Oh, say, a little less than belly-high.
Cat: Yes. About that.
Monkey: Dark grey and light grey?
Cat: You saw it! Get it out! At once!
Monkey: I not only saw it, I bought it.
Cat: ...
Monkey: ?
Cat: Bought it? Monkey, stop joking.
Monkey: I did. We got a royalty check. I bought you a robot.
Cat: Robot?
Monkey: Yep.
Cat: Robot... monster?
Cat: Is it... alive?
Monkey: Nope.
Cat: But it chirps. And growls. And calls you to come pick it up when it gets stuck behind something.
Monkey: Just a robot. It vacuums up kitty litter.
Cat: But that's what you're for.
Monkey: And scrubs up cat vomit.
Cat: But that's what you're for....
Monkey: And provides lots of healthful exercise for cats.
Cat: ...
Monkey: ?
Cat: Monkey. You're not funny.
Monkey: Probably not. But I am the one with the credit card.
Cat: I hate you.
Monkey: I knew that.
Cat: My vengeance will be swift and terrible. You will never know what hit you.
Monkey: You say the sweetest things.
Cat: I hate you with a hate so immense it cannot be contained in my tiny, shivering frame.
Monkey: That's very literary. Would you like me to make a lap, so you can sit on it and I can protect you? 
Cat: It won't make me hate you any less.
Monkey: I know. But I am not without mercy.

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if i didn't know better, i would think this was a writing post

Children, this is going to be one long poke.

An interesting thing about radically reworking something this old and broken is that I get to see how far I have come. I think, on some level, it's impossible to rework an older book to a higher standard than what one is writing currently--by which I mean, one doesn't learn much revising an existing book, because the framework of the book is still there in your head. (First-person you here, of course, the second-person you's process may be different.)

But once one has radically improved, one can at least bring the old stuff up to snuff.

This is one of the reasons why I find it useless to save books up until one is better.

One gets better by writing books.

Still. I can't believe how lousy some of this old writing is. Full of scaffolding, "He saw"s and "She felt"s and I swear unto you, I just eradicated (with extreme prejudice) the words "merry brown eyes." And substituted an actual character description.

Apparently I know how to write those now.

(He wound up looking something like a young Jeremy Brett. I have, alas, run out of people in my head, and had to start substituting other people so that I get a variety of physical descriptions. But I can probably get years of mileage out of dead Shakespearean actors, so it'll be okay.)

The sad part is, I know in another six years, this will look just as awful. Okay, maybe not just as awful. At least it will be entirely devoid of merry brown eyes.

But the point is, there's no winning. It is an endless holding battle.

Or possibly stories start to decay after you've written them, and slowly become worse and worse and worse...

At least I still have my health like the world and the characters.
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just another wasted evening...

The end-of-season-2 updated death toll for Criminal Minds, in which Morgan pulls into the lead, but Elle still maintains second place despite a 19-episode handicap:

Collapse )

You know, for most cop shows, after two seasons, 45 episodes, that list would be a heck of a lot longer.... We have a real bring 'am back alive ethos going on. If I tried to do that for NCIS... my fingers would fall off. *g*

Upcoming, eventually, a round up post on the pro-and-con drug addiction arguments... *g*

(ETA 05/18: I did my math wrong, and had to make a correction. *g*)