May 19th, 2007

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There's this anthology, see? Called Rewired. Examining the legacy of Cyberpunk.

Edited by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel. And you can pre-order it over here.

And this is who's in it:

Introduction: Hacking Cyberpunk by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel
Introduction: Kessel-Sterling Correspondence** by John Kessel
Bruce Sterling, "Bicycle Repairman"
Gwyneth Jones, "Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland"
Jonathan Lethem, "How We Got Into Town and Out Again"
Greg Egan, "Yeyuka"
Pat Cadigan, "The Final Remake of The Return of Little Latin Larry"
William Gibson, "Thirteen Views of a Cardboard City"
David Marusek, "The Wedding Album"
Walter Jon Williams, "Daddy’s World"
Michael Swanwick, "The Dog Said Bow-Wow"
Charles Stross, "Lobsters"
Paul Di Filippo, "What’s Up, Tiger Lily"
Christopher Rowe, “The Voluntary State”
Elizabeth Bear, “Two Dreams on Trains”
Paolo Bacigalupi, "The Calorie Man"
Mary Rosenblum, "Search Engine"
Cory Doctorow, "When SysAdmins Ruled the Earth"

No, I have no idea what on earth I'm doing there. But I am happy oveyjoyed ecstatic verklempt* to be in that company....

I'll be in the corner, nursing my coffee with a large side order of imposter syndrome....

*is it cultural appropriation if I say "verklempt?"
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another country heard from--

Well, I've done it again.

And lost the Publisher's Weekly reviewer in the bushes.

Collapse )

I did warn everybody that this was my densest book, yes? You're all prepared to run and keep up? **

I think you're smart enough to handle it.

(And the next one is easier. ;-) )

In other news, I have exercised and fed myself. Next step, guitar practice and math, and then I get to spend the rest of the day writing.
Which actually seems like a treat right now.

Oh, and I should get some of these books into Librarything and clean the kitchen, yeah.

**That said, apparently they *liked* it.

writing patience

jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine

Progress notes for 19 May 2007

All the Windwracked Stars

New Words:  1,219
Total Words: 21,660
Words for the Year: 128,491
Deadline: November 1
Reason for stopping: end of scene, time to shift POV to the other side of the flashback

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,660 / 100,000

Today's words Word don't know:  flatbread,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: evanescence
Sustenance: black rice, red wine, Russian tea
Mean Things: periapocalypse, cute flirty slightly stalkerish boys.
The Internet is Full of Things: new fingerprint analysis technique can reveal drug metabolites.
Miles to Rivendell: 238.1. Ten miles to the Weather Hills. Also did yoga, kickboxing, and weights today. Tomorrow is a Day Off.