May 31st, 2007

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i like it when the blood drains from dave's face.

Finished the shoggoths. 2087 words today.

Now I get to fold laundry and watch Doctor Who.

And maybe eat. Silly meat puppet. So demanding.

Also, my story "Cryptic Coloration" is up at Baen's Universe. It's about Matthew Szczegielniak and three ditzy eighteen year old girls, and it takes place about a year before Blood & Iron.

Also also, buymeaclue found this thing on Youtube, which is 500 years of women's portraits run through morphing technology. Woo, the male gaze. Or something.

I still love Pavonia.
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On the other paw....

....I wonder what LJ plans to do about all the 14 year old girls who would quite cheerfully offer themselves up for statutory rape by whatever twenty-something actor amuses them, and who talk about it at length in their blogs?
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