June 17th, 2007

lion in winter broken because you're bri

shut up. you'll be stone dead in a minute.

After taking a wrong turn in the dark in Scranton and figuring it out 150 miles too late to do anything about it except say "fuckit" and head north to the Thruway, the Presumptuous Cat and I are home safe.

If a little chagrined.

And as soon as I find my contact case in my luggage and give her some water, we're going to bed.

Oh, and I have a copy of Whiskey & Water. It's a real book! Which means it may be showing up in bookstores any day now. (The official release date is July 3, but like that ever happens.)

I have mad deadlines and catchup work to do between now and Readercon, so expect general radio silence.

Love, Bear.

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Old Woman Afraid Of Her Manuscripts

Just so I have it all in one place: stuff I need to do.


*Finish going through the manuscript for Dust, make the (thank you universe) mostly light changes, corrections, and edits, and then type them in and send them to my Beloved Editor.
*Catch up on the reading I owe truepenny.

Before Readercon:

*Finish revising "Shoggoths in Bloom," including a new title. Then go through the half-ream of critical notes again and give it a final pass polish. Then figure out if it's SFy enough to send to Nature.
*Read the rest of the Viable Paradise slush.

This week:

*See my massage therapist and get to the gym at least three times this week. (Tuesday Thursday Friday?)

Before Bearcon*:

*Finish revising All the Windwracked Stars? Please?
*Write an urban fantasy short. Probably "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," if I can figure out what it's about beyond a circus, Hoover Dam, and the Great Depression.
*Finish revising The Novels Formerly Known As The Stratford Man? At the very least, start revising it. Whether I have an editor or not.

Before Viable Paradise:

*Read submissions for critique.

Before the End of the Year:

*Write Bone & Jewel Creatures
*Start writing Chill, aka Jacob's Ladder II

Before the Middle of 2008:

*Finish Chill (due April 15. Tax day is doubly fun in Bearlandia.)
*Finish Secrit Novella Projekt

Oh no not me
I never lost control
You're face to face with the man who sold the world

Also, interspersed with this on an as-needed basis: conventions, workshops, sex, drugs, rock and roll, and galleys/proofs/CEMs/revisions.

Thank God for Google Calendar. What did I forget?

*August 18th, aka my signing at Bakka Books in Toronto in August, with conflated Hanging Around with Friends.
writing companion to wolves _ truepenny


So, since I know Whiskey & Water is a real book now, I offer the following contest.

To the first two people who report a proven sighting it in the wild (i.e., a real copy in a real bookstore on a shelf or table or hook or crucified on a pole so you can buy it) I will send an autographed ARC of A Companion to Wolves. The ARC in question is an uncorrected bound galley, with full-color cover art. The printing is a bit wodgy on the ones I have; it's readable, but light, as if the photocopier was running out of toner.

A Companion to Wolves is the first book I've published with my friend Sarah, a/k/a truepenny, a/k/a Cambell-Award-Nominated Author of Melusine and The Virtu, Sarah Monette. It is a rather violent, extremely high-mud, deconstructive fuzzy-animal-companion adolescent-wish-fulfillment fantasy with beard lice. And "subtext." (In the anagram sense.)

Really, it's exactly the sort of book you might expect from Sarah and I if we sat down one afternoon and started parodying Dragonflight, and then things... got out of hand. (It didn't stay a Pern parody. But the bones go back to a critical assessment of the Green Dragonrider Problem. Which probably tells you all you need to know about whether or not it's appropriate for minor children.*)

By "proven sighting," I mean post a link here in comments to: a cell phone camera picture, photocopied/scanned receipt for purchase (cross out your credit card number if it's on there, hullo), scan of the book cover and your smiling face, whatever.

There will probably be other contests later on, as Sarah has a few more of these than she needs as well, and she also has another book coming out this summer, called The Mirador, which has a pretty lady on the front. You might want to watch her blog for details.

*It's not.