July 16th, 2007

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I can has title.

We seem to have an official title for the third Promethean Age book, which means I need to go update my website.

The first half of The Stratford Man, fondly known as Will & Kit's Bogus Journey, is hereby officially dubbed Ink and Steel.

Hopefully this will be its last title...
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"The perfect fascist state needs to operate in conditions of perpetual warfare."

Book reports # 52, 53, 54, 55: Grant Morrison, The Invisibles: Bloody Hell in America; Counting to None; Kissing Mister Quimper; The Invisible Kingdom

One of the things that I very much like about this series is the way even the servants of evil wind up humanized and--after a fashion--sympathetic. Or, some of them, at least. Some of them are a bit more irredeemable. I do find the narrative a bit repetitive and fragmented in places, and it suffers from that same problem that so many fictions that hang themselves on a big metaphysical reveal at the end suffer from: the Awful Troof is almost always either somewhat predictable, or a bit of a letdown. (I had this problem with Vellum too, which is a similarly fragmented story with a similar Big Reveal. Which I also loved a lot.

And still the best one-liners in the business. Even if it is trying a bit too hard by the end, and there are only so many eviscerations one comic book can sustain before they start to become a bit tiresome.

Also, Lord Fanny is my hero. Ine.