July 19th, 2007

can't sleep books will eat me

They say he was just 19. A headcase but his record was clean.

Book Report # 56: Dorothy Dunnett, Dolly and the Doctor Bird

kellylink gave me this to read, and I'm having an interesting reaction to it. I dead loved the first half--it's witty, engaging, fast paced, and sharp. The protagonist is delightful, in a cynical, bitter, incisive sort of way that I suspect ladegard would love.

And then it falls apart at the seven furlong post. The middle is a muddle, as it were, and the ending winds up feeling very arbitrary--I'm pretty sure the author had lost track oif what the plot was, and was breaking things with the idea of making sense of them later--and at a certain point it stops being a mystery/character study and starts being a screwball comedy with occasional dead bodies.

She pulled it out at the end, though, and managed not to go where I thought she was going thematically, and for that I forgive her.

Also, for the really snappy clever writing, which is just a joy to experience.
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The Criminal Minds Drinking Game

Well, it's been a long slow hiatus, and we were bored and insomniac and we've been joking about this for a looong time. And so we present to anybody who is interested--the hopefully amusing and entirely life-threatening

Criminal Minds drinking game!:

We, the editors (beatriceeagle, matociquala, and slash_girl), highly recommend that this game not actually be played with alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, or anything with a high sugar or calorie content, as we cannot be responsible for the results if it is.

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And that was on tapwater.

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well the rain came down on a coal mining town and it carried you away

My life may, in fact, be complete. Because the first three Big Country albums (The Crossing, Steeltown, and The Seer, as well as the EP Wonderland, which is now bonus tracks on The Crossing), which were absolutely impossible to find in the US for years, were remastered and re-released a while back and I am now the proud owner of all three.

Which means that I can listen to songs I haven't been able to listen to for years, because my copies were on cassette tape and time has not been kind.

With The Man From UNCLE coming out on DVD this fall, can Nirvana be far behind?

Pop Quiz: What do the Michael Hutchence cover of "The Passenger" and the Big Country cover of "Cracked Actor" have in common?
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