August 24th, 2007

bear by san

once that you've decided on a killing, first you make a stone of your heart

Kate Elliott on the trope of the disposable woman. 

Now she's got me trying to figure out how to write a murder mystery without snuffing somebody off the top. (Somebody dies early on in several of my books and stories, and in each case the murder drives the plot. I think the current death toll for that purpose is two women (one we never see), one man.)

(On thing I love is when I get email from people saying "I knew you were gonna kill X character from page one!" and I'm like, huh, interesting, I didn't. Of the W&W deaths, one character I loved got killed because the bad guys had no reason to keep sie alive, and another one died because I had four potential victims in a scene and well, I rolled a die [pun intended]. I was gonna kill the other guy. No, the tall one. Go figure. Whossname was honestly doomed from the start, however)

*contemplates icon*

Yeah, nobody's safe around here. It's a lot like life. I do solemnly swear, however, that there will be no random logging trucks. But I already know I'm getting hate mail for PA 6 and it's not even written yet.
bear by san

i've been thinking about our fortune and i've decided that we're really not to blame

There was more car trouble today. Eunice is back in the shop, and I'm wondering if this is it. Of course, for cash flow reasons, this is the least convenient time to need to buy a new car...

Further news as it breaks. Now I'm going to go drink a beer, eat some carambola, and get my words for today...
criminal minds hotch and prentiss tennys

baby i don't need your cash. mama got it all in hand.

So it appears that I am going to have to write a Wrong Draft of King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree first, and then try to make it a Right Draft later.

Wait. Let me 'splain.

See, this thing that I am writing currently is a very straightforward narrative, with a bit of a mystery and an investigative plotline. It's kind of like, oh, "The Deep Blue Sea." Only with a mystery. But the problem is, I suspect thematically that what I need as a structure for this story is something much more like Memento or "L'esprit d'escalier." Because the structure should support the theme, as well as the narrative and characterization supporting the theme, and one of the themes of this thing is the fallibility of memory, conflation and construction and suppression thereof.

And apparently, I have to write a draft in which the story just happens, first, so I can figure out how to make it the story that will support that narrative.

Jesus, brain. A little help here!


Dear Bear,

You May Not Have an Evil Ringmaster.

Love, Bear.