August 27th, 2007

criminal minds reid weep

my shoulders are colder since I fell

A little over 1200 words on "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," today, and I kind of know what happens. More or less. Sort of. Though maybe not the next scene. And I suppose I should figure out who the villain is, since I have ten thousand wordsof the bloody thing written and have to end it soon.

Also, we did a ton or work on the secrit projekt, about which I am rather excited and having a very good time.

And that's all I did today except clean the kitchen and move the sofa across the room. And I didn't even finish the kitchen, because the dishes still need washed and I have to scrub the sink and backsplash. Tomorrow's exciting projects include cleaning the bathroom and sweeping the floor.

Ahhh, the glamour.

Entropy, requiring no maintenance for 10 billion years....
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I can has truck

And the winner is--


If you guessed "fuel pump," you get--well, nothing, because I just spent $500.37 on a new fuel pump. But they did throw in a free replacement spare tire, as my old one won't hold air anymore.

Viva Eunice.

She's still cheaperer than a car payment.
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Nota Bene:

When rolling out one's sore back using the magical spiffy foam roller thingy that one places under one's back and, you know, rolls back and forth on?

Make sure that one does not also roll one's ponytail.

Just saying.

Okay, the floor is clean and the dishes are washed. Time to go kill some words.