September 20th, 2007

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sitzfleisch, man.

Justine talks about sitting, because Maureen was talking about sitting before her. And how it relates to writing.

What they said.


In my workspace, I have a laptop and a desktop and a jump drive, a comfy office chair, a good keyboard, a big legs-elevated chair and a futon to use the laptop in, a stability ball and a foam roller for my back. I see a massage therapist twice a month and I lift weights and do yoga.

It just about keeps me functional on the twelve-hour writing days.

I think mucking out stalls was better for me, physically, than this job.

On the other hand, my books don't try to step on my feet for attention.
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live with the team. spend with the team. breathe with the team.

Back by popular demand: RETURN OF THE PROGRESS NOTES!

Secrit Projekt:

New Words:
  1806, spread out over three bits of the S.P. Most of it for a DVD extra for "Refining Fire" and the Missing Scene in the beginning of "Knock On Coffins," which means I can start the first scene of actual plot in KOC tomorrow, unless my illustrious co-conspirator returns "Refining Fire" tonight or tomorrow. Another little bit is future history that might never get used, as it's about 24 episodes down the road, and honestly I bet The Boss is gonna say no to half of it. Even if the dialogue amuses the heck out of me.
Total Words: Um.Really hard to say. I think I may have to retire this category for talking about this thing, because it is in so many tiny pieces.
Total Words this Year: 281,705
Pages: See "Total Words," above.
Deadline: n/a
Words per day to meet deadline:
Scenes left / scenes myrtilized (notecards, if I were using notecards this book):
Reason for stopping: DMV.

Stimulants:  Coffee. Beer. Cheese and apples.
Exercise: does 60 minutes standing in line at DMV count? No? Ah well. Then this is my day off this week.
Miles to Rivendell: 6.6
Mail: nomail, except Eagle's Path reviewing Undertow.
Mammalian assistance: Cat. Lap. Cat on lap. Cat on laptop.

Today's words Word don't know: brûlée, melty, Glock, Treo, Leatherman, hots, anomaloids, gadgety, victimology, spendy, dunno, killah, sshh, ngh,
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: Um. Befuddlement? The world not working the way you really wish it would.
Tyop du jour: n/a, though people in my work keeping bedding other people when they mean to beg them. Ongoing problem, what?
Darling du jour: "I keep thinking that the story doesn't go this way."
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: "knowing full-well"
Jury-rigging: Hypertext!
There's always one more quirk in the character: Duke, I love you and your emergent self-conscious narrative voice, yes I do. *kisses*

Other writing-related work: Still waiting for the Stratford Man edit letters.
Books in progress: Just started the second Inspector Chen book.
The Internet is full of things: People keep turning out to be human beings at the damnedest times.
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