September 21st, 2007

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One of the coolest things abou a good collaboration is that it's a little like role-playing, except you're both playing all the characters.

Which means they constantly surprise you, but if you're in sympathy with the person you're writing with, they surprise you in all the right ways.
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sf doctor who meant to be?

yes i mean you.

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New Words:
  2023 on "Refining Fire," 1597 on DVD extras. Including smut. Yay, smut!
Reason for stopping: That was two sittings. One this morning ended when ashacat showed up for our gym date. The second I just finished now, and I'm quitting because I got to the end of the scene and it's the turn of one of my unindicted co-conspirators now.

Stimulants:  iced coffee, pomegranate, the last beer
Exercise: weights, elliptical, core, and a great deal of walking.
Miles to Rivendell: 0
Miles to Lothlorien: 461. It's like life. You achieve one goal, and the next one is standing there blinking at you.
Mail: nomail
Mammalian assistance: cat, you do not need to be in my lap, It's too hot.

Today's words Word don't know: Montressor, suitcoat, bonelessly, rucks, sunburnt, Statey, proceedeth, goin', understory, alligatored, weatherstripping, overprocessed, dammit, Maglite, Leatherface, untucked, waterboarding, lamby, peckin', cryin', westmost, unstick, ain't, palmful, sociopathic, nephilim, O.D., empath, Zacharias, sayeth, meatware, orcs, Corso, 'em, eyewatering, gonna, billy, hammocked, Bojangles, unholstered, sicced, overclocked, crosslegged, tabula rasa, Gummi, dopplering, enroute, vortexed, scaphoid, nasojejunal, immuration, FCOJ, kemo sabe, uck, gah, urk, ucky, ichor, puppeteered, importunings, refeeding, Shh, requireth, snugged, upsa-daisy, thready, meatpuppet, Giger, crack'd, exsanguination, Dachau, mic, vic, pietà, triggery, shocky, unmirrored, puddled, spotlit, evac, perp, gawd, freakin', godawful,

Okay, that's like three week's worth ofwords, but I just finally spellchecked.

Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: funeral sex. heartbreak. being pwned by monsters. semi-unreliable narrators. existential angst. wondering what it's like not to be a sociopath.
Tyop du jour: He sours a cup of thick, cold coffee and takes it over to the microwave.
Darling du jour: Thank you, Captain Bad Segue.
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: "dead weight"
Jury-rigging: should I be working on the season three DVD extras when Season 1 is not yet written? Ah. whatever. Causation is for wimps.
There's always one more quirk in the character: ...that's not what you think about in the morning when you pin your tie down.

Other writing-related work: none
Books in progress: Just started the second Inspector Chen book.
The Internet is full of things: but it's harder to find out stuff about airports these days than it used to be.
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