September 29th, 2007

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Through the mighty offices of the even mightier Cory Doctorow and his roving wireless network, I am coming to you live from Martha's Vinyard.

Let the workshop commence.

And it's WAY TOO NICE out there. I need to go for a walk.
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If you ever wondered why you never see people doing small mundane useful tasks in books?

It's because the writers are trying to make their wordcount.

The wardrobe-inventorying scene just hit the cutting room floor, and I suspect the cloth-buying one is next.

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Cory and I could probably build a sandcastle out of the little pile of supplements on top of the fridge.

Just saying.

(also, so far, he is a sooper roomie.)

And now, apparently, I am going to fall over, because I am suddenly made of sleep.
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