September 30th, 2007

writing companion to wolves _ truepenny

five random things make a post

1) I am having sunrise with sea breeze and opinionated crows. *sigh*

2) Massachusetts crows actually say "Caw, caw, caw."

3) In a minute, there will be tea and yoga and then possibly breakfast and a walk. I seem to find workshop yoga partners everwhere I travel. Is it epidemic in SFF?

4) After that, breakfast and a walk.

5) pnh brought me a copy of A Companion to Wolves! It's a real book! It has new-book smell. Yay! Man your bookstores! (actually, I think the official release date is Oct 15.)

And now, I go experience the glamourous life of a writer.

Man, I love coastal Massachusetts. And it's been something like fifteen years since I was here.