October 15th, 2007

phil ochs troubador

i am an orphan girl

Secrit Projekt:

New Words:
  Refining Fire is definitely  short novel now. Close on 60,000 words. And soon, it will all be yours! (How soon? Well, that would be telling. But babies conceived today will be born after The Secrit Projekt.

You can meet one of the characters from The Secrit Projekt over here, actually. Ahem.

He's also, you know, around other places. But you will have to find those for yourself.

There are seven other characters just as interesting, too.

Also, I have written 5,834 words on "Knock on Coffins" over the last 48 hours. I have two scenes to go on the draft, and I mean to try to finish it tonight.

Reason for stopping: Not actually stopping. Just pausing to do something else while I contemplate the next thing.

Stimulants:  about seventeen soy chai lattes.
Exercise: gym! weights, treadmill, ski machine.
Guitar practice: Um. I played a little yesterday. I suck.
Miles to Lothlorien: I am too lazy to get up and check my spreadsheet on the other computer. Four hundred and change.
Mail: nomail
Mammalian assistance: The Presumptuous Cat has apparently concieved a desire to sleep ON MY FACE.
Things Chaz/Hafidha ate, contemplated eating, or threatened to eat: fortune cookies, Twix, Ring Dings, Chinese takeout, almonds, peanut butter crackers, co-workers.

Today's words Word don't know: in't, ow, symptomology, amped, jammers, Grinch, biopsied, histologically, medulloblastoma, nitrile, oncological, spasmed, antipsychotics, glossolalia, affectless, fireteam, crashies, argh, brutalist, reamings, wifi, warchalk, Wikipedia, warchalking, Wi-Fi, scooch, cattywumpus, Vonnegutesque,
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: Still in Nebraska.sudden catastrophic weight loss.
Tyop du jour: park the cat
Darling du jour: "What would we do without collusion?"
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: Not so much of that today. I'm sure I'll find them all when I do the revision.
Jury-rigging: Kept having to go back and re-foreshadow. Criky.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  Turns out Hafs is an adrenaline junkie.

Other writing-related work: Page proofs sent back.
Books in progress: Liz Williams, The Demon and the City; Raymond Smullyan, To Mock a Mockingbird, still, because I may never read for pleasure again.
The Internet is full of things: I could link to the dancing girl illusion again....
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