October 31st, 2007

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working for big john henry and he's so hard to please

Dear Internets,


Real live queer people (and queer literature, for that matter) do in fact exist outside of slash/femmeslash/men's porn movies/yaoi*, and sexual kinks involving pretty boys/girls are not the only reason persons would choose to write and/or read about such things.**

Thank you,

the management.***

*Although, given the existence of Gilgamesh, probably does not predate it....

**Straight characters are allowed to exist in stories--and even have relationships in them!--because that's what, you know, people do.

***No, actually, it wasn't a comment on my writing that triggered this. It's more a camel's-back issue: I'm tired of being reduced to either a political statement or an erotic fixation.

And now I need to go watch Boys on the Side so I can yell at my TV for a while and get this out of my system, I think.

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oh and but also...

The edit letter for Hell & Earth finally came.

We will deal with this after WFC.

You know, revising three four novels in one year makes you really want to never revise a goddamned novel ever again.